Advantages and disadvantages of white decoration

We almost always think of the white walls as a ghost that comes from previous centuries that is too old for our modern tastes. However, you have to think with a really cool head but not so much so that the color does not become very boring. White has its fans and detractors there is no one to be immune to him, unless the house is treated.

What can we do with the white?

We can light the environments.

Especially the Scandinavians think of it as a source to make everything clearer, for those long periods of time when light does not appear in the rooms. We do not have to go back to Europe if we have a dark room, using the white on the walls will make everything turn into more friendly places for those who do not like the darkness too much.

Enlarge the spaces.

When our space is very small white paints can be our best friend. No, it’s not a lie, the white creates a visual effect capable of expanding the rooms, unlike other colors, it will not grow your house but at least the eye can believe it.

It’s okay with everything

White is a suspicious color, it tends to fit well with all the elements of decoration that are in the house and even with other shades that are close to it. The most daring can take the liberty of combining it with whatever it is either in decorations, furnishings, floors, outdoor furniture and any kind of thing that goes through the mind will go well with the white.

It is cheaper
Something that will surely make you think hard is that white affects less your pocket than other paints of color. So if one of your options is to save you some money something that many people appreciate fervently if they do not have too much to spend while remodeling the house.

And why do not some want it?

It’s boring
some people say that the white walls are boring, they are bland, people prefer other colors closer to the carnival and give life and white is not one that they like too.

Paint more often

Dirt, marks and stains are much more noticeable on white walls than in any other color. That is why if you decide to paint in white maybe you should do it more often if you do not want them to look poor with the passage of time.

Keep children and pets away.
No, children and pets are not a bitter enemy of the white or vice versa, they happen to be prone, as with anything white, to dirty them easily and if your mind wants to be quiet the best is not opting for the white when pets and hyperactive children are too close.

All these options fight each other to determine if the white stays or leaves. The owner of the house is you, the options are there within reach, white is not an enemy but before doubts check the list of pro and contra costs nothing to know what you want to have at home.

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