A rustic idea

When we talk about rustic, we are not necessarily talking about losing style, but that we print our own, which we like the most. If it is ours to opt for something more summery and looser, the word rustic must be printed on either side of the house to which you look.

Not necessarily, the rustic style is printed for the country houses. Having a rustic place in the middle of the city is a risky choice so we always have to try to have the right elements so that nothing is lacking and we are not ridiculous.

The rustic has only one rule

There is nothing more evident in the rustic that the wood prevails as main protagonist. It should not only be in places like the furniture, but the floors and the roof would be part of it.

However, as we know, excesses are bad. In nature there are not only trees, so we must equip our home with wrought iron or stone materials. The first emulating the woodcutters, the second trying to combine the same nature with its surroundings.

Let’s go to the cinema

Whenever we see a movie in which a rustic house prevails we can notice that the furniture of the main room are usually made, as we said before, of wood. Its conformation is large and a bit ramshackle. Although we may want to give a rustic look to the brown color we must give it freedom.

If we also return to the movies we can realize that a good combination would be made with stones and preferably with a fireplace, in any element, that gives an aesthetic touch to the room.

To nature what is of nature

It may seem a bit monothematic but to combine, nature has to combine with itself. What colors do we find in it? Blue, green, brown, beige or gray that are a complement that shelters with the sun and does not make much contrast when opening the window.

Complements with Mother Earth

A rustic space by itself is not a rustic space. It also suggests knowing what the elements that accompany it and the best option to choose these would be the same as the colors, if you want a rustic environment where nature prevails make it also present in small things.

For furniture it is essential to choose cushions made of cotton, linen or wool. Natural wicker or sisal materials are often perfect for carpets. Do not avoid flowers or plants that usually give more authenticity to your home.

As the rustic always goes along with what you do with your hands, you should think about doing a little DIY that matches the place that you think to decorate. Something woven without much effort, some original vases painted by you and even watches.

Do not evade technology

It may be thought that technology does not have much to do. But within the rustics, as in chemistry, playing with opposites often attracts. Having a TV next to the fireplace generates such a big impact that the home owner will always win by surprise.

Nature can always give you what you want, you just have to think that if it is not there is to look for it, inside or outside it. At least if it is not, look like it.