8 Smart Tips to Paint Your House’s Walls Like a Pro

In accordance with an article published by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Home in its website, color has always played an essential role in any man’s life and we can corroborate this by just observing from the colors nature offers us every day, until the different benefits they bring to our lives when they act as mood enhancers in our homes. Moreover, in FinishBuild we believe color is around us and even in our vocabulary, actually we express ourselves in colors, for instance when we say we feel ‘blue’, this lead us to highlight that home walls’ colors definitely have a psychological impact in individuals, and it is incredible how that paint on your walls directly reflects your personality; so in order to develop your home painting project, you should do some research and keep in mind the psychological value of each color, because some of them have different effect on your mood, as well as influence your emotion in a different way. Considered as one of the most inexpensive ways to improve the look of your home, painting can be an exceptional way to freshen up any of your home’s room and what’s more, at a very low cost. Of course homeowners can do an “ok” job by painting their home walls, but obviously seasoned professionals do a great job; however, there are techniques and tricks that can make you a better painter so accept the challenge, read this article and you may be surprised by your hidden painter abilities.

Dont have an exact color on mind? FinishBuilds color selection suggestions

Many of us have heard about how colors have great influence whether in setting our mood or conveying an emotion; all of them are psychological reactions, however most of the people are not informed about the important behind the science feature that is present in the art of design. The psychology of colors plays an essential role when it comes to selecting paint colors for the interior of a home; so whenever your walls need a makeover, we suggest not focusing on the trends, because they come and go, instead what it matters is how much the pain suites your mood, personality and your cultural preferences. Take a closer look at some basic colors and learn a little bit more about their psychological effects:

Green: combines the joyfulness of yellow and serenity of blue, green is a really comforting color; many people considered as a soul healer due to the fact that helps balancing the body’s equilibrium. If you choose it in your bathroom or bedroom, you will definitely have a relaxing atmosphere.

Purple: the darkest shades of this color unleash your creativity levels and add to your spaces a certain sense of luxury; while the lighter versions, for instance lavender or lilac, provide a restful quality to bedrooms. Walls that have been painted in purple allow people connect more and family bonds became stronger, another psychological effect of this color is that calms the nerves.

Red: this color incredibly boosts energy levels; it gives you a great adrenaline rush. Red is ideal on living rooms or dining rooms’ walls, because brings people in closer and this will stimulate conversations, but do not take it as an option for your bedroom.

Yellow: the general effect of this color is that also gives you energy and brightness any of your home’s rooms. Red is the color of joy and happiness, therefore having yellow walls in your home will make people feel welcomed as well as will make you feel warm by just staring at them. It is also said that yellow helps concentrate and increases intelligence; the downside of this color is that people, who spend more time in bright yellow rooms, tend to lose their temper so you may not consider as the main color of your house.

Blue: known as one of the most calming colors, the lightest shades of blue painted walls help to dissolve tensions and promote tranquility. On the other hand, by having blue spaces whether at home or at your office, you will feel a good sense of productivity; try to avoid the darkest shades of blue since they can make you feel frustrated or depressed

8 smart tips to paint your houses walls like a Pro

Today’s home market offers an endless variety of color paints, with different finishes that add incredible look to any of your spaces; however due to this wide color selection range, it is sometimes overwhelming experience for homeowners to determine a particular color that will look good on their walls, and with their lightning, so what we basically have to say regarding this is: buy or ask for samples in your favorite paint store is always a good idea.  In order to achieve an extraordinary painting experience, it is important to follow certain procedures that will provide you with more enough help in order to work more efficiently and get better results.

  1. Make as much space as possible

Painting will be much easier if you have no furnishing or any other element in your way so empty out the room and if you have large furniture then cover it up with old sheets or cloths. As an extra trick, we can share the idea of filling up any nail hole with spackling, you can also tape off adjacent walls, or windows trim and light switches.

  1. Test the pain color

Before giving a big YES to your paint decision, make sure to test it first since it can happen that the color you have recreated in your mind is different to the one you will see on the wall. After applying a coat of paint, allow it to dry and observe the result in both daytime and night; by doing this you will have a true idea of what the color looks like on your walls.

  1. Be ready: paint can change

You may discover that after painting a square on the wall, the color you chose looks different. So if the color is too overwhelming for you, consider one wall painted that color as an accent and apply another as the main color, after all and fortunately paint is an inexpensive option and can be easily changed.

  1. Make sure you have enough paint

in order to avoid frustrating moments, there are a few things that will help you determine how much paint you will need: be sure to know the room’s square footage, think about how many coats will be need or you want to do; if you are thinking of priming the walls first, one coat is enough and two if walls are not primed.

  1. Spend money on worthwhile supplies

To achieve an excellent painting project it is key not only invest money on good paints but in high quality supplies. Good quality roller extenders will help you reach higher walls without stretching your arms too high, and a sturdy step ladder will be really useful in reaching the top corners when brushing them; both of these supplies will keep you from overextending our body causing injuries.

  1. Clean and brush before rolling

Because we are sure you do not want dust to blow onto your wet paint, your walls need to be completely dust free or spider webs, so make sure you clean them up before start. Another tick you can apply is to use a high quality brush to paint an inch out from the corners, ceiling and baseboards, these areas cannot be reached by a roller.

  1. Prepare your roller and paint brushes

Since rollers are made from fuzzy material that make them put more than paint on your walls, remove any debris such as loose fiber from it; wrap painters tape backward your hand to do this.You can also rub the dry paint brushes up against your hand and tug on the fibers; this way you will ensure that no loose fibers end up in your paint from the brush.

  1. Primer first!

It is wide recommended to include priming as one of the steps in the preparation process; it seals walls and provides you with a base for the paint to stick to.

The color you decide for your home’s interior matters and as a homeowner it is key to be well informed on the topic; do not allow a simple chocolate bar lift your mood and start doing changes, you can start with your home’s color because is a powerful design tool that can make any room feel more calm, or cheerful, comfortable. Additionally, FinishBuild remembers you that at the end of the day it is the place you are going to live in, so trust yourself and choose according to your and your family’s taste…and please! Do not forget to have fun while you reach that painting look best fit with your home’s style