8 Brilliant Seating Options for Your Small Living Room

Every home improvement you make is one more achievement you reach in order to recreate what you have had mind for so many time and that is finally materialized. Nevertheless, as your new home project takes place challenges show up and with them creativity and smart ideas need to appear, so you can design asmall yet balanced space and make the most of it. When space is an issue, seating options can represent a problem but keep calm; FinishBuild is here to give you some recommendations on what type of seating is proper and how to arrange them in your small home.

Seating Options for Your Small Living Room

Multifunctional furniture is at the top of the list because we simply love how useful this type of furnishing can be, it definitely earn its keep! The idea of using ottomans that work as a coffee table and also as an extra seating is just awesome. If you are wondering how you can layout this piece of furniture; think of a sleek armless sofa that slightly floats away from the wall, two large low ottomans double as coffee tables and seats.

Folding Chairs have the amazing ability to tuck out of sight when not in use. When extra seating is needed, this seating choice comes to the rescue in any of its version; they can be plain or elaborate in design.

Benchesare ideal for an entryway where you can place your bags when you come in, and at the same time can save your special gathering in case you need an extra seating for an extra guest. You can typically find benches as great items in other places around your home, they do not need to be place in the main areas but let’s be honest; they are perfect as a small home seating option.

Indian Style Seating shows up as a really cool seating alternative; to achieve this option you only need a cleaned floor because you will sit down on it. Of course you won’t accomplish this idea by using a regular dining table, but instead you can find a lower table like your coffee table as your main eating and enjoyable station.

Poufs are a really attractive and non- traditional seating alternative; with a few pillows properly placed, they are great items in your small home that might work in a pinch.

Backless Sofa has always been a chic and bold alternative; this type of seating alternative is generally placed in the middle of the room, and it is a convenient way to gobble up space. An extra bonus you can get by considering this option in your small home is that backless sofa can be use both sides, and when you want to also use it in a larger room, it would beautifully perform as a divider between two seating areas.

The Sofa is not always needed and no one can tell you the opposite. If space is tight, three or four armchairs that surround a coffee table will be more than enough to create comfy space; you can also add more flexibility to the room by making the coffee table a tray- topped ottoman, which may be used as a seat. Complement this practical arrangement with an extra pouf or seat.

Another interesting item you can include in your small living room is an acrylic furnishing that simulates an “invisible” piece; the greatest benefit of incorporating one of these items is that they take up zero visual space. You can find such pieces of furniture in any home market, like coffee tables or nesting side tables.

You can also try…


Visually lightweight furniture, especially light- color furniture is a good way to make your spaces look lighter than those dark upholstered pieces that only make your room visually diminutive.

Focus on working with items in a vertical dimension; invite your guests’ eyes to move above and below eye level. Floor to ceiling draperies perform great at making emphasis on the vertical space.

Consider turning a window niche into a cozy mini living room area with a window seat. Slender and small scale furniture is the best seating options for this purpose, because they can take up less visual space. And what’s more, you will add storage without eating up floor space if you build shelves into the space between wall studs.

Choose focal point items and walls in white; elements in the room will give the space a cohesive feel, and you escape feeling constrained thanks to pale floors and white upholstery.

Decide which element should be the focal point in the small room you are working on, then highlight it by placing your seating selection directly in front of it; you will immediately notice how your guest admire whatever you have chosen to highlight.

Study the configuration of your small space; think about how comfortable or awkward people will feel in it. To accomplish the best comfort for you, your family and guests it is important to balance, this means you need to get the right size for everything; for instance, large sofa are not too recommended in small living rooms, however if you decide to locate one as long as the rest of the pieces do not overwhelm the room.

Be smart on choosing the proper lighting; if you install a poor lighting system be ready to create a small space that looks even smaller and gloomy. Instead strive to make it bright; in case you have large windows in that small space, you should consider yourself as a lucky person.

Besides choosing the right seating pieces for your small home, there is something else you can do and it is trying the different layouts you can make in a that reduced area. There are interesting configurations that can help you create a focal point around which everything else in the room is organized; series of furniture like the ones we have mentioned in a well- coordinate space are the two main aspects that will make your small living room looking attractive and spacious.