7 Ceiling Styles for Your Home’s Look

Are you the type of person that considers ceilings should to be just white and flat? In FinishBuild we would like to believe that you are definitely not that kind of person, and rather are from those people who are not afraid to set a true impact in their homes. Things have changed and they could not get any better; what was a boring and flat ceiling in the past has become now into the focal point of a room, changing its overall appearance.  With an incredible and wide number of designs on offer and the great vision architects are experiencing in both form and function, it is obvious how good new ideas about ceilings can be included as part of an elaborate and unique ceiling design, not to mention how in many ways the ceiling set the tone and feel for the entire space. In this article we will strive to show you some gorgeous ceiling styles that you may want to consider incorporating in your dream house, because ceilings should demand attention from whoever comes into the room.

1- Interesting wood ceilings

Always a cozy and warm way to decorate your home’s spaces, wood is part of the most popular material to design, so by choosing a wood ceiling style you will create an exceptional ambience in your home. From vintage to sculptural finishes, ceilings made of this material look spectacular and the best part is that working with wood pieces in your ceiling you can clad various geometric patterns, which makes a really more eye- catching look, and this for sure opens up a whole world of wood ceiling possibilities. In case wood is dark, you can always go for white paint and then paint it with dark colors.

2- Modern metal ceilings

What we really like about metal ceilings is the fact that they mostly are made of materials that beautifully mimic metal, and this is a big plus for you because it is not a hard or heavy, or expensive material to work with. Metallic décor in general has been becoming trendier in recent years; choose designs made of brass, silver or copper, since they can finish up a refined living room, add character to a kitchen or bathroom, and silver (our favorite) for minimalist interiors.

3- Coffered Ceilings

Considered one of the most demanding ceilings, this option features rectangular panels and generally the primary lighting fixture is hung from the centermost panel, and additionally other panels feature recessed lighting. The greatest part of coffered ceiling is the impressive character that adds to the room and what’s more, creates a sense of height bringing a fresh perspective to your home.

4- Vivid colors ceiling

Visually delightful, when colors come across shapes and texture you ceiling turns into a stunning coordination that without doubt embodies style from floor to ceiling. There is nothing like look up and see awesome patterned colors that if mixed with grey or neutral walls and right lighting will make a pleasantly impact.

5- Scandinavian feel ceilings

When we think of Scandinavian style natural light, some wood, candles and stylish furniture are the element that first come to our mind. Picturing an elegant Scandinavian kitchen ceiling incorporates your taste to intriguing details that once together give the room a pristine finish.

6- Concrete tray ceilings

We would suggest this style for any of your rooms, create a true statement opting for this concrete ceiling style and to make it even more awesome add recessed lighting and a light color palette on the walls and furniture.

7- Simple but pretty stripes on your ceilings

Whether you like them in a horizontal or vertical position, strips can line a framed ceiling that will give your home a bold and fresh look.

Tips on how to make your ceiling looks higher

Even though ceilings are not the most highlighted detail that people pay attention when entering into a house, when it comes to provide a sense of freedom and space they do have a major impact. It has been psychological proved that low ceiling homes often provide a low state of mind; the following are some useful tips we have chosen for you to keep into consideration while developing your home ceiling project:

Be wise when choosing our furniture

Most of the time people tend to select furniture based on appearance, this mean, how they will look in the room but functionality also counts. Low ceiling houses will look even better if there are low profile furniture, due to that they will increase the space between the ceiling and the floor, this way the room will feel more spacious.

Vertical stripes decoration on your walls

Whether you choose wallpaper or are talented enough to paint them by yourself; stripes are a very smart tick when it comes to make spaces look bigger.

Picture frames hanged a bit higher to the ceiling

Another trick will be to hang picture frames a little bit higher to the ceiling; and to better results vertical framed pictures or paintings are ideal, this way the walls will look taller due to the distance between the ceiling and floor will seem higher.

Pendant lamp are not recommended

Because pendant lamps are specially design for high ceilings, they will make your low ceiling look closer to the floor. Instead of pendant lamps, try flush mounted lighting.

Consider tall accessories

Fortunately there is a great variety of accessories that will help you reach the idea of a higher ceiling; candles, braches, flowers or any tall accessory will be useful for this purpose. Keep in mind contrasts for instance, a small round vase with tall slim braches.

FinishBuild invites you to visit its website and check out all the ceiling possibilities that there are available for you so you can reach your home design project. In this opportunity we mentioned and gathered some excellent styles for your home ceiling that will suitably complete the whole look of any room. Sometimes people neglect the potential that a really good looking ceiling can have, and instead they think of ceilings as a simple white element; and surely white ceilings do look awesome; however there are also other very cool ways to design them.