6 Ways for Indoor Lighting: Create a Brighter Future!

In FinishBuild we absolutely consider lighting whether in outdoor or indoor areas is a powerful feature in any home. Lighting is one of the essential elements in your home which contributes to perform tasks easily, it can impact everything and makes you feel safer and more comfortable; it also allows you to enjoy each of your home’s rooms at their complete potential. Additionally, the way you light a room completely changes the space and it is important to make notice that each room has its specific accent lighting needs so having multiple lighting sources will allow you to control ambience, mood and the way you use the room. Fortunately, today’s home market offers you an infinite variety of lighting products and at this point we need to mention one of them, which are an incredible creation: dimmers. By putting your home’s light sources on a dimmer, you will make it amazingly easy to change up the brightness as often as you want

Important aspects to consider when lighting up any homes room…

In order to know what types of lighting serve specific purpose in your home, the best suggestion we can give you is to based your decisions on the optimization of your home’s spaces, remember that the right lighting in any room will make you and your loved ones feel relaxed or productive and what’s more, functionality is an aspect that must be in your mind as well; so before opt for any lighting style, consider how you are using each room of your home.

What is each of your home room’s function?

Acting as an overall lighting in a room, ambient or general lighting illuminates all of the area where is placed it, and some interior designers consider it as the room’s “natural light”.

Lights that are meant to be placed in a work or reading area are called task lighting. In FinishBuild we are convinced you need this type of lighting to be brighter than your general lighting, and therefore the contrast will focus the light in the specified area. About task lighting, bulbs’ brightness will depend on how you layer the lighting in you room.

The type of lighting that highlights a particular area in a room is known as accent lighting; work of art or bookcase are the suitable examples where this type of lighting is used. Accent lighting often creates shadow around the object what provides a stunning and almost dramatic effect.

Having said this, we might add that to accurately light up your spaces, keep into considerations these techniques. We invite you to keep reading this article and find out the best fixtures that perform at their best for each of the mentioned categories.

Choosing the right bulbs

As an essential feature in your lighting project bulbs are your light source, therefore the type of bulb you will choose will certainly determine the look of the light. Furthermore, different bulbs perform in their own way and for the purpose of this article we are going to only mention the most common types of bulbs you are going to use in your indoor spaces, as well as some of their characteristics:

Incandescent: known as the traditional bulbs, they have been used for decades, they produce a warm light, so in favor of more energy –efficient options, incandescent lights are phasing out.

Compact Florescent Bulbs (CFLs): as a more energy efficient and last longer alternative, these bulbs use 75% less energy than the first option we presented. They can be found in a variety of brightness and temperatures levels.

LEDs: their performance is equally efficient as CFLs; the difference is that LEDs can last up to three times longer. They are mainly used in rooms where task lighting is needed.

Halogen: similar to the natural daylight’s feature, halogen bulbs give off a bright and white light, not to mention how energy saving they are due to the fact that they use 10- 20% less energy than a incandescent bulb.

Your potential lighting design with its fixtures included

Using lighting and decoration for a first impression of you home’s interior is the smartest move you can make. To pick the right fixture for every room in your home, we suggest considering the different sizes your need to light up, because fixtures that are too small or big make your room’s proportions look strange. The following are the 6 most highlighted fixtures that FinishBuild have selected for your lighting project:

1. Ceiling mount fixtures: they are greatly suitable for ambient lighting and if you are wondering where area of your home they will perform their best, we would say they are ideal to be installed in entry foyers, stairways, hallways, bedrooms and task rooms.

2. Chandeliers: they are generally used for ambient lighting; where to have them? Our first suggestion will be to use them in your dining room or bedroom area.

3. Pendant lighting: they are usually sconces; these types of fixture hang from the ceiling and are furnished with shades in order to avoid glare. Use them whether for ambient, task or accent lighting; they look great and perform at their best over dining room tables, countertops or any of your work areas.

4. Recessed lighting: depending on how bright you want them and where they are located, you can surely install them in anywhere general, task or accent lighting.

5. Track lighting: its special versatility makes it an option for pretty much anything. You can move the individual lamps around and point them in the direction you want. Track lighting might be use as an accent to highlight some artwork or to illuminate the whole room.

6. Table lamps: this lovely fixture work amazingly to provide lighting in your living room or as a task lighting for instance, a bedroom.

Hopefully after you read this article you will understand how important is to lit you home nicely, right lighting is key since it can impact everything, from your schedule to your brain power so strive to spend some time doing research about the most optimal lighting sources available for your home and get inspired to start another great home improvement with FinishBuild on your side.