6 Ideas For An Adorable Home Library

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It is certainly a fact that the more you read, the richer you are inside. In FinishBuild we believe everyone needs books, and there is clear evidence of it. There are many Neurological researchers which have studied the benefits of reading, and we totally consider people should take advantage of them through this charming activity. In accordance with an article published by the PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science), reading helps avoiding Alzheimer’s disease since it is an exercise that stimulates the brain and therefore it boosts the power of this important organ.

It has been proved that reading reduces the stress, because as you get deep in your reading you lose yourself in the author’s story, and so no matter how hard your day has been, or how many worries you have ahead, when you read you transport yourself to other contexts and this makes you let tensions drain away and allows you to relax.

Furthermore, reading is contagious and this probably one of our favorite benefits: according to the Scholastic book publisher, parents who read to their children out loud in their earliest stages of study, inspire them to keep developing the activity, because they feel interested in this hobby, as a result children become in habitual readers. So, from FinishBuild we wonder the following: if books, like a true friend stand by us through thin and tick; don’t you think it is time for you to build or start a makeover of you home library?

1 5 300x300 6 Ideas For An Adorable Home LibraryGiven that flooring as well as bookshelves in your home library should complement each other, it is important to take into consideration the materials that both of them are made of. Due to the fact that flooring your home library is as essential as any other room of your house, it would be key for you to study the type of flooring that best suits your needs as well as the possible traffic of people you will have in that room, for instance; if you need flooring which will continue looking good where traffic is the heaviest; tile flooring, hardwood flooring and laminate flooring are your best alternatives. Moreover, it is important to mention that high-traffic areas need a product with a thick wear layer of melamine resin, in order to keep its long-lasting results. Likewise, whether you like laminate, porcelain tiles or hardwood as your flooring option, the next step you should take is deciding your bookshelf’s material; and regarding to this matter, we have to let you know that there is a wide variety of materials you can consider, such as: plywood, MDF, particleboard, metal, glass. However, FinishBuild considers that working with hardwood in your bookshelf project, will be a great choice, because if treated correctly, this material will keep just as well as harder wood.

FinishBuild definitely would like to encourage you to give a try on built-in bookshelf; because when it comes about organizing the books and magazines you would like to have in your home library, these built-in bookshelves are very convenient. On the one hand, they are literally installed in the wall so you save space and can use it by setting a piece of furniture or any other element you would like to have. On the other hand, books which are located in built-in bookshelves can be part of the decoration you want to give to your home library, because they can dreamily fit with the flooring choice you have made.

Complementing your house’s look with a library brings a stylish touch to the area you have designated for that purpose. Whether the space you count on for this project is a cubbyhole or a bigger one, remember you can always get the best of any room in your home, you just need a little bit of inspiration and an excellent flooring choice.

FinishBuild and its ideas for an adorable home library

2 4 300x300 6 Ideas For An Adorable Home LibraryA reading or library room should be a pleasing area which projects a sense of serenity and enjoyment. FinishBuild is bringing you some ideas that, according to your needs can achieve the look and feel, either with the flooring or furniture you would like your home library to have.

1. It is definitely true that in order to create a cozy “reading room” in your house; you better think of small space instead of a big one, because it tends to give you or your guests the relaxing feel that anyone needs to read an interesting book. This idea may be achieve by setting a built-in bookshelf (make sure to put all your favorite book and magazine collections), a comfortable couch or chair and some lighting, flooring idea? In this case our Teak laminate flooring, it would give your library space the warm finished.

2. FinishBuild’s White porcelain tile is a great option to create the best spot of the house, and this is: your home library. So, in order to create this look, you can add some comfortable chairs, choose a built-in bookshelf to locate all the books you would like to have in it, because they will act as part of the deco. Do not forget about a lamp that can provide a good amount of lighting, and moreover that suggests the calm feel.

3. If a spacious room is your case, you can opt for a more elaborate home library. Finish Build Amaretto’s hardwood flooring is recommend to reach your idea since it looks really elegant and provides a sophisticated finished to your flooring. You may complement the look with a wall-to-wall bookshelf, a wooden desk with some armchairs; it would look classic in the front and professional in the back with good accents in between.

3 1 300x300 6 Ideas For An Adorable Home Library4. To create a more intimate home library or reading room, FinishBuild has thought about its Sand porcelain tiles as a flooring selection with a nice fireplace, two armchairs (in case someone wants to join you), and an ottoman as your coffee table. This would work really good in order to provide a relaxing spot to stay warm while reading.

5. If it is spacious enough, turn your home library into an office by adding a desk, chairs and some media resources (stereo, television or a computer), it would have the professional look and the best option we can suggest for this project is the FinishBuild’s Strandwoven laminate flooring. As an extra suggestion; add rug in a vibrant color that harmoniously fits your flooring choice.

6. Turn your attic into your reading refuge by installing the FinishBuild’s Topaz hardwood. Some open shelves will give your reading room a more spacious look; place a cozy armchair and a floor lamp, because it is a must-have in any reading room. Floor lamps will provide good illumination plus, they add a simple but interesting touch to your reading sanctuary.

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