6 Best Patio Flooring Ideas

Building the living outdoor space you have always wanted is a process that takes some steps, this is why before starting the makeover, you should firstly consider the size you count on for developing your patio project, as well as which furniture you will want to have in it, and most important: to decide the material to put underfoot. You need patio flooring ideas. Creating the look and feel of your patio needs to be a fun, relaxing and entertaining experience, remember you can also keep into consideration all the eco-friendly options today’s flooring market offers.

Patio flooring ideas

When it comes about choosing the right outdoor flooring for your patio, as well as the furniture and color scheme, it is essential to make them all mesh flawlessly. Beauty and durability should be two words you might think of in order to make a good decision on the type of surface that will express the character of your patio. Whether your patio is small or big, there is a variety of flooring options you need to read about, in order to know their cost, if you can install them (perhaps you are a potential DIYer and you will find it out) and how you will care for them over the long term.  Among the options you can find in the flooring market, you can opt from brick, concrete, stone, gravel, deck to porcelain tiles or laminate floors. Once you study the pros and cons of each of them, it is easier to choose a type of flooring and style that fits your space and most important, your budget.

From Finish Build we would like to support your patio designing project, and this is the reason why we show you that three of our products can be the ones that best suit your new patio. On the one hand, hardwood or laminate floors can be great options since they are two of the simplest DYI projects, they can be installed during the weekend and they are also considerably cheap if compare with another options. On the other hand, if you are thinking about porcelain tiles, make sure you are choosing the ones that are specifically formulated for outdoor spaces; they could be an excellent option for flooring your patio. Our porcelain tiles are highly slip-resistant and they are also able to withstand freeze-thaw cycles.

Keep your patio’s flooring low-maintenance with Finish Build

Dreaming of making over your patio also requires considering the budget you have assigned for the project you have in mind. Therefore, you might think about low-maintenance for your patio, so you do not need to buy expensive floor cleaning products. Our suggestions?; porcelain tiles, due to the fact they are not porous and therefore there is not space for accumulating dirt that can attack the surface, you just have to occasionally sweep and use a mope with warm soapy water in order to keep them as bright as when you first bought them. However, it is relevant to mention porcelain tiles need sealant to protect the grout from cracking. Laminate flooring is environmentally friendly, that makes its maintenance easy as you may sweep it periodically to remove dust and debris, this way you will keep your laminate flooring free from scratches. Hardwood requires cleaning and sealing every one or two years, which makes it a great option to consider.

Choosing the right furniture

Because it is important to create a welcoming and cozy place for your guests, one of the best ways to achieve this is by having a color and deco scheme that pleasantly fit with the flooring you have selected. Based on the style you would like to have in your patio, we recommend thinking about comfortable and attractive furnishings, cushions and pillows covered by beautiful outdoor fabrics to adorn chairs, chaises, or settees, and flowerpots as well as accessories that suit your design preferences. If a small patio is your case, you might select lightweight pieces of furniture that people can move from one side to another or from sun to shade.

Finish Build would like to offer you some decoration options so that you can turn your patio into your desired “room” in the house, waterproof furniture is one of the advices we can recommend you to keep in mind.

1. Create a contemporary patio by combining neutral color laminate flooring with a teak round table, some stools and an umbrella; you can keep them in a monochromatic palette of accessories to give your patio a tranquil look.

2. Another great option for a modern patio is by applying hardwood as an underfoot alternative and set on it a couch, a cedar coffee table, two cushioned chairs and an ottoman; in case you want to set a dining table with this look, you can decide on Marais A side chairs, led them add the contrast between modern and antique.

3. Add a natural charm to your patio and choose our “Arena” laminate flooring which can be perfectly mesh with a wicker sofa, or some bamboo cushioned chairs, a freestanding umbrella and a fire pit area.

4. Give your patio a casual and cozy look and try to strike a balance between the always classic “black and white” palettes; some wrought iron armchairs with black and white pillows or a chaise recliner will set a casual yet elegant scene.

5. With one of our “Vermont” line porcelain tiles and few furnishings such as, day bed, coffee table, potted plants, and Chinese hanging lights, you can achieve an attractive lounging style in your patio, you can also add an outdoor rug in order to not only complete the look but define the space.

6. When it comes about to express your garden spirit, you can accomplish this by building a flower- inspired colors patio; we recommend our stunning “Neige Oak” hardwood flooring and the accessories you can use to match, may be a cute ranged in color from yellow to pink of gerbera daisies  vase. Take advantage of bench in your flower- inspired colors patio by setting and L-shape bench, it looks modern and at the same time gives you the chance to make it with lids so you can store outdoor accessories or equipment, make sure to complement the deco with some patio cushions and pillows covered by flowered outdoor fabrics to keep the tone of the look, you will have a comfortable atmosphere for long summer conversations.

In addition, there are some other options we would like to share with you, so you might take them into account when planning your deco ideas; slipcovers on outdoor umbrellas are a versatile choice since you can easily give a different look to your patio’s scene just by changing them. The best part of them is that they can be simply mixed in the washer with bleach and hung in the sun to dry. Equally important, it is having well-illuminated patios; lights make any space feel more intimate and finished; in the same manner, right lights help to achieve a nice spot.

Good reasons to take our furniture suggestions into consideration: cleaning and material’s characteristics

Regarding to your patio’s furniture cleaning, firstly you need to make sure you know the material type and your local climate in order to be aware of how often and what type of maintenance your furniture needs. Furniture built from certain woods such as pine, cedar, and teak need to be protected from the elements with an annual covering of stain, paint, or sealer. Try to find oil-base products, because they are tougher than latex-base products and their gloss finishes last longer than flat finishes. Whenever you need to retouch your furniture, choose paint that is easy to apply, such as sprays, and make sure they are long lasting and rust-resistant.

As we have mentioned, wicker furniture is ideal to create a natural look of your patio. This material is ideal for outdoor furniture due to its lightweight, airy qualities and the variety of designs you can find it. Quality should be evaluated, because synthetic wicker is slightly more expensive than natural wicker, but it is more adaptable for outdoor use. Synthetic wicker is made from moisture proof resins and rustproof aluminum framing; it can withstand the elements, while natural wicker is not able to do so. Similarly wrought iron furniture can be considered an excellent material, and with a good painted finish it can be left outdoors a year round.

Likewise, varieties of cedar are well known because of their resistance to insects and durability. In order to keep cedars looking good and new, use a deep-penetrating stain with mildewed and water-repellent additives. Teak is another great option when it comes about outdoor furniture because of its durability and high water resistance, if this type of wood fulfills your expectations, try to look for brands made from wood harvested on trees farms, they are steadily replanted.

There is nothing like having a pleasant patio to enjoy whether the sunrise in the morning or the sunset in the evenings. Delight your guests (or yourself) with a patio that is both aesthetic and functional, make sure you have an outdoor space to spend a few hours or an entire day with good company or alone, and remember that accomplishing the patio of your dreams starts from what is underfoot.