6 Common Remodeling Kitchen Mistakes to Avoid

Are you thinking of a kitchen remodel as your next home improvement project? Proper designed and organized kitchens have an incredible number of benefits for you, your family and even towards your home’s value. The benefits of course vary from family to family, but what is a fact is that a safer and better designed environment is something all families need. There are significant expense involved in a kitchen remodel; but in FinishBuild we believe that a good investment will last you for years to come and will increase the overall value of your home. So before start with your home improvement, it is important for you to think about some key questions such as: do you like to cook a lot? Does your family like to socialize in the kitchen? What kind of storage options do you want? The answers you can get from these questions will complement your final decision as well as give you a clear idea on how you would like your kitchen to look. The main goal of this article is to help you avoid some mistakes that can show up along the remodel kitchen way, and in this way you will avoid experiencing unpleasant situations. Take your time to search all the information and the ideas you would like to reflect in your kitchen remodeling and make it count! Because at the end of the day, what it does matter is enjoy every single home project you start.

Common Remodeling Kitchen Mistakes

Expert designers agree that when it comes to kitchen features and you do not pay attention to good kitchen designs basics, there will definitely be trouble.  Here we share what we have chosen as the biggest mistakes you should avoid when remodeling this essential area of any home.

Leaving the famous “kitchen triangle” behind

We know this has been mentioned in many articles for many years, but this statement is not obsolete at all and in case you ask why not? The reason is quite simple; a kitchen triangle is the right placement of your sink, refrigerator and stove, which fits harmoniously and not only offers great look but most important efficient functionality. If the refrigerator is on the other side of an island, you will need to walk around the kitchen island you get something from it, this situation is awful so please respect your kitchen triangle.

Not paying attention to enough lighting

If you ask us which is your home’s room that needs good lightning the most, our answer without a doubt will be the kitchen. Other than general lighting, you need to make sure you have plenty of task lighting and in this way have a clear view of what you are doing. As some alternatives we would recommend pendant lights over your kitchen island, and installing light underneath you upper cabinets will provide your counter space enough lighting. Once you have provided your kitchen with right lighting installation, you will feel it upbeat and bright and this is a perfect bonus if you and your family like to spend a considerable amount time cooking.

Ignoring that enough storage space is crucial

In your kitchen building or remodeling plan you need to include as much storage space as the area allows it; and to achieve this you can consider drawers, cabinets, pantries or any type of kitchen storage system. By providing your kitchen with enough storage space you are avoiding a number of problems, you will make enough space for your dry foods, kitchen utensils, dishes and so on and this will lead you to a very organized kitchen.

Forgetting about the backsplash

Do yourself a favor and install a backsplash; this element in your kitchen is not just a design flourish but is a central part to keep your kitchen clean. Installing a backsplash near your stove will save you from cleaning tons of grease, and food splatters that certainly damage the walls nearby; moreover, you will stay away from losing money over the long term.

Not thinking of ventilation as an essential feature

Proper ventilation should be essential in your kitchen design plan. Things will turn uncomfortable in this area of your home when the lingering smells of meals you have cooked begin to combine their powers; so considering a good ventilation system will keep the air clean and fresh, an furthermore will extend your appliances’ lifespans.

Follow current kitchen design trends “too much”

As we have mentioned in one of our article, keep in mind that trends come and go; what we are trying to say is that (yes!) is a great idea if you check which are the most popular kitchen trends these days but before making any decision based on this statement, think about the space you have to develop your improvement project and its efficiency as well as its functionality. Most of the people do this and as a result the get a kitchen design that is completely obsolete within a few years later.

Extra: strategies to achieve a well-organized kitchen

Being one of the most important areas of a home, kitchen serves as the place where you prepare delicious recipes for your family; you kitchen must have so many utensils, equipment and appliances that you used for food preparation. Keeping your kitchen organized will help you to perform your cooking ideas successfully.

Make an inventory of your items and group them

Invite your family to have an inventory day and determine how you will organize your kitchen’s items; be sure to take out all of your items from the cabinets and cupboards, and then group them depending on their usage and type, after that is moment to decide how you will store each of them.

Give your unused items as gifts

You will probably realize that after doing the inventory, there are some items you do not longer use; so this is the moment to give them away, maybe to your friends or relatives or why not to charity; by doing this you will notice how food you did by giving away things you do not use anymore.

Make specific space for frequently used items

Since there are kitchen items you use every day for cooking, place them in areas within reach and you do not need to look for them to cook a delicious meal; we are sure that by doing this you will save time and your frequently used items will be accessed easily.

Your home’s kitchen in a very important area, therefore you need to consider carefully the planning stages of its design; by having an impractical design you will probably have problems at when using this space; FinishBuild hopes you can maximize your time with a kitchen remodeling that is both aesthetics and functional. Whether you are a daily cook or an occasional one, having a well-planned kitchen design will give you the opportunity to use it as its best, consider all the factors and enjoy of an excellent design of your kitchen.