5 Wrong Decorating Ideas and How To Avoid Them

Owning a home means that putting down roots and have a space you can feel truly yours; homeownership is a significant moment of your life that many people consider a rite of passage we all dream of. At FinishBuild we believe that when you take the decision of owning a home, you are actually making a great investment because your new brand home is a purchase that appreciates over time. Moreover, when you own a home you are gaining control over your living space, this allows you to make improvements that make even better both your home’s value and your daily home life.

However you need to know that figuring out how to decorate your home can be an overwhelming task; there are typical decorating ideas that do not look good for instance, you paint the walls whatever color, purchase big furnishings for the smallest areas of your home and you basically end up struggling with the daunting process of filling all those areas. On the other hand, I think that in many decorating processes there will definitely be hits and misses; this is the reason why I have decided to focus this post on those decorating ideas that not always go right, I believe that when it comes to interior design you do not necessarily have to learn the lesson the hard way.

Out of place wall colors

The color you decide to paint your interior walls should reflect your authenticity and provide a sense of style. Painting too many accent walls will either go wrong as painting any at all; be aware of the fact that accent walls are not for every home style, having ten paint colors up on three different walls is not the best decision you can make. You might want stick to one color per room, and two at maximum in your whole house. The idea is to create an eye- catching impact therefore, instead of having too many colors in one area strive to add an accent wall that highlights interestingly your home’s architecture, for instance the fireplace or a wide window are stylish accent pieces you can incorporate in your decor. Keep in mind that our eyes are naturally drawn to one focal point, so if you create many of them then the attention diminishes as our sight get too busy trying to focus on many elements. An exceptional idea you can consider in order to avoid wall color mistakes and achieve a house with peaceful and cohesive feel, keep all over color as the best bet; do not forget that for this idea neutrals are not only the easiest tones to choose but also they are versatile for main living spaces.

Incorporating Different Styles of Furniture All at Once

It is absolutely a temptation you need to deal with, but if you incorporate all what you have purchased in that home store, then you probably will notice the drawbacks of such decision. Many people do not have an eye for furniture arrangements, so envision everything together beforehand is what you need to do before incorporating different furniture pieces at once. You may believe that your lovely chairs will look stunning with your brand new sofa; however you have to be careful as they might not work with the rest of the elements you have brought home. To avoid this typical mistake, keep in mind that the best rooms of your home will be those which feel well- coordinated and lived- in; balance all of the furniture pieces and include something light of glass or with legs, a tall and think floor lamp helps bring your eye up and this definitely balance the focal points you want to highlight.

Selecting Rugs that Are Too small for the Space

Many homeowners think that opting for smaller rugs is a smart choice at first; the same happens with floating areas rugs. Due to the greatest potential rugs have to transform a space, it is essential for you to choose the size of your rugs that best fir with the space; if you place a tiny rug in a large room you are not only achieving an awkward look but also creating a disproportional area that feels disconnected. To solve such blunder, strive to measure the outline of the space you want your rug to be and then purchase a rug that touches all furniture; once you have place it, make sure to lay out all the front feel of the furniture on the rug.

Unsuitable lighting

You home’s lighting system should be both functional and attractive as any room of your home require different types of lighting, for diverse times of the day. So it is important for you to understand what type of lighting you want for each area, for instance: under cabinets lighting is an excellent addition to your kitchen. Moreover, you can also consider dimmer switches to achieve the most suitable lighting for your rooms.

Take No Notice of Scales

It is a common mistake when decorating a home, if you have to bend you neck in order to see you mirrors or artworks then this is something you might want to correct because even if you have nailed the rest of the decor, your room will still feel uncomfortable. The best way to avoid this wrong idea is by hanging your artworks or frames at eye level, this is about 60 inches top of your door frames.

It is time to stop choosing furnishings and wall colors that are not attractive, spending money in home items that make your entire decor look wrong, and start being more stable about your financial and emotional investment. My main purpose when I decided to write about this very common situation many homeowners deal with was to strive to make you save some headaches and dollars by warning you regarding all those regrettable decorating choices you made. For me it is essential to make it easier for you to make the visual project you’ve imagined come to life in your home, so as long as you get ready with a little basic information, you will be able to start making the right decisions from the beginning…you dream, we Build it!