5 Lighting Blunders to Avoid In Your Home

Lighting in our homes’ spaces is a factor that influences our daily performance in a wide way, since as a high or low in important places can generate unnecessary dry eye by excess of light in the area assigned to rest or in the TV room, that look much the view in a single point. In any case the key element to take into account is to be practical and opt straightly for the point you need to start in order to organize the most suitable lighting plan which is defined by premises such as: what light certain specific area needs or how to light it up. You might not be aware of how common is to find people who are trying to get the right lighting in their homes; the most common problem that shows up when it comes to lighting is that too often we find areas that are too bright and some others too dark. In FinishBuild, we have come to the conclusion that due to repeated ineffective specifications on how to best install or place fixtures in living areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms, homeowners do not feel sure about the proper lighting solutions and tricks. Having notices this we believe that in order to make a change in the way you are improperly lighting your spaces, it will be better if you first  know what not to do, this might allow you to look and act like a pro in this essential home improvement.

Lighting Blunders you are Making and How to Avoid Them

Transform a room of your home into a seamless blend of functionality and style.

Miss layers of light

Sometimes too little or too much of one type of lighting in an area make it feel uncomfortable; and it is incredible how sensitive we humans are to light, we can conclude then that harsh or dim spaces eventually can cause discomfort. To avoid this mistake, the advice to follow is to use the three types of lighting at your disposal in every room, this means: ambient to achieve overall lighting, task to make notice specific lighting function, accent to help you decorate or make notice a focal space. Strive to use all these types of light and experience a space that is not only lit throughout, but also change as you need it.

Lighting that is too bright

Feeling you are onstage every time you get into any room of your home can make you feel uncomfortable, often this effect is provided by too many recessed lights. There are some occasions where homeowners or even home builder take it too serious when it comes to opting for recessed lights into a space; too many of them can create a living room which make you feel like you are in a stadium. To overcome this blunder, the greatest solution you can find is the best kept secret to adjust lighting: dimmers. They allow you to control your home’s lighting from day to night, for any event and even they perform exceptionally at building your mood.

Bathrooms which are too dark

This happens when you use vanity lighting in the entire bathroom; a suitable task light at the vanity is essential to create a bathroom that will warranty a functional space. Additionally, we need to let you know that counting on one fixture to light the entire space, even if it is a small one, may leave your bathroom feeling and looking dingy. The use of multiple lights in this important room of your home will provide the right ambient lighting for the rest of the room, as well as keeping your vanity bright; recessed lights or semi- flushmount fixture are good options.

Not paying attention where shadows might fall

Too often it is not a matter of fixtures or their quantity in the room, but placement of the light in the wrong spot. If we take your kitchen as example, shadows can plague your kitchen workplace as they block any light that comes from above or behind you, keeping the light from where you need it. This is why we recommend under- cabinet lighting, they are a must in any kitchen because they help you focus the lighting on those functional areas, and therefore increase task lighting. Additionally, under- cabinet lights also serve as accent lighting when the kitchen is not being used.

Wrong size fixture choice

This is very common when you fall in love with a fixture, therefore you want to take it home no matter its size. Undersize or oversize fixtures will definitely bring more problems than solutions to your home, even if you love them! To avoid this mistake, focus on the fixture which should fit your décor as also fits the required scales of the room that is going to assign to. To achieve this, make sure to create a model; this means you can mock up a fixture by using cardboard to help you get a general idea of how the overall shape will sit in the room.

Decorating your home is not only being aware of how to develop your furniture placement, room size and color selections, but also you need to know how available is natural light for that room, or how can fixtures address right lighting for your spaces. Great lighting plan can undoubtedly make all the difference in any room of your home; then avoid the previous common blunders, and help your home’s spaces to reach their full design potential. Change the mood in your home’s rooms…you dream it, we Build it!