5 Home Office Mistakes You Are Making: Avoid Them!

%name 5 Home Office Mistakes You Are Making: Avoid Them!In FinishBuild we see mistakes as a positive way to learn from them and move on, after all mistakes can happen to us all. However, there are many interior design or decoration mistakes that can be surely avoided. For this article’s purpose, we need to make notice that taking a moment to think about the functionality and look you would like to enjoy in your home office, will definitely help you shape all the features you want in your home project. And you might see those home offices’ aspect as something very obvious to take into consideration, but they are more often than you think overlooked or just forgotten during the decoration process. What we could suggest regarding this home improvement project is to consider all the factors before getting started, we are sure your will be set up for success from the very begging.

Home Office Mistakes and their solutions

We have enlisted six of the most common mistakes people make when designing and bringing to life their home office’s project, as well as their solutions. The main idea in such home improvement is to researching the practicalities of each aspect and piece of furniture (chairs, desk), that will be part of your home office before making any purchase decision.

Choosing chairs that look beautiful over functionality

unico zuo modern 205051 unico office chair white 232x300 5 Home Office Mistakes You Are Making: Avoid Them!Most of the time people select their office’s furniture based on a wrong principle, which is good- looking; forgetting about the key aspects this important piece of furniture needs to perform. Do not panic! It is never to late to learn from your mistakes, now you need to rethink of this concept and modify it by coordinating you home office’s design with the proper arrangement of office equipment that best work for you and your work’s requirements, what we are trying to suggest is: please think about ergonomics! And you will see how good it feels to enjoy adjustability and beauty in this very important piece of furniture.

Not caring about space

If you are feeling your working area to empty and too plain, it is probably due to the fact that you did not take space into account, and then the result is that you feel in a dull office cubicle. Solution?Enhance your productivity by trying bright, energetic and unique artwork that spruce up your walls; once you see the room painted and styled as well as your desk nicely set up, you will notice how your motivation levels are boosted in a short time.

Considering your home office’s floors as just bare ones

%name 5 Home Office Mistakes You Are Making: Avoid Them!Ignoring that your underfoot surface plays an important role in your productivity since helps your home office look even more inviting. You could try solving this with the addition of a stylish rug that brings together the overall look and feel, proving warmth and comfort to your home office.

Poor lighting

Sometimes one overhead bulb in the middle of your home office’s ceiling is not enough, and thus this area looks dull and dated, these are two aspects you will not want to have in your working area. Solution? Opt to create the best lighting in your home office by using lamps shades to hide bulbs and place a lamp near your desk, below standing eye level. You could also use a table or floor lamp which direct light where you need it most.

Monotonous colors

We want to make notice that people tend to get scared about the idea of experimenting new colors in their home’s spaces, ending up with typical and boring palettes in their home improvements. As a way to solve this type of situations we must mention that colors such as white, magnolia or other neutral colors are great options since they go with almost any style, so think of them while deciding your home office’s colors and what’s more, consider bright or deep colors, they will bring your home to life.

Extra tips you can consider to improve your home‘s spaces appearance and productivity

Get TOO excited about fads

%name 5 Home Office Mistakes You Are Making: Avoid Them!This is a mistake that can perfectly match not only with your home office’s design but with any of your home’s spaces; beanbag chairs, lava lamps are just some of the trends you have felt tempted to place in your home; however be careful because it may be difficult to get rid of those items once that craze is gone. Instead of following fads, we recommend you to find your own style and reflect it every time in any of your decoration projects, we are sure you will have fun while expressing it and you will love it for a long time.

Undress cables

A bunch of tangled wires make your home office looks unflattering, not to mention that can be a hazard. How to solve this? You could keep unused wires in a labeled storage container in an easily accessible area OR! In case the furniture is not a valuable antique, you could try to drill a hole in the back for the cords to go through.

Old look accessories

Hanging older cabinets and hardware make your home’s spaces fell dated; this is a very common error not only in home offices but in living rooms or bedrooms, so please! Try to avoid this by making small changes such as switching the hardware on your home office’s drawers or bookcase, you will immediately notice the big impact this can create.

That ugly gift you received last Christmas

Keeping something you actually hate is one of the biggest decorating mistakes you are making, for instance: an existing carpet or chair. What can you do? When it comes to your working area at home, and you really hate that old chair someone gave you, you just have to get rid of it; you can donate it to charity. And make sure next time you drop hints to friends and family about your style’s preferences so you avoid receiving gifts that do not fit your taste.

Desk or chairs which are uncomfortable

Ok, at this point is not acceptable to have an uncomfortable piece of furniture in your home office, this is just not right. The solution? when purchasing you home office’s furnishings, sit on the chairs and look at the desk and other pieces of furniture you would like to take home, and then decide if you picture yourself using all of the them for a long time, this is the spiritual part of the decision; and the other aspect you can consider is measuring your home office’s space, to make sure everything you want to bring home is not too wide or too narrow, too low or too high.

In this article we have decided to focus not only in highlighting the most common home office mistakes but also mentioning solutions that might help you to avoid them; the idea then is that when you are creating your working area at home you need to strive to make it as functional and comfortable as possible, this way you will keep away from mistakes that could certainly be costly and make you waste time in the log term.

Consider the best choices for a comfy home office, as well as the best ways to avoid potential mistakes…you start, we Finish!

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