5 Decorating Ideas For Your Master Bedroom

In consonance with an exceptional article published by The National Sleep Foundation, which is about learning how important is designing a sleep- friendly bedroom environment, in order to enjoy the health benefits that people can accomplish by thinking a bit more serious when it comes to decorating this home’s area; in FinishBuild we have decided to base our today’s article on master bedrooms, those rooms that for some people is the least important zone in their homes and for some others is their island oasis in the sea of life’s complexities.

Your master bedroom’s main purpose is to nurture you and fuel you for the hard work of living in this busy crazy world we are living in nowadays. Since it is the place where you start and end your day, creating a pleasant master bedroom space promotes calmness, good sleep and thus overall rejuvenation to your happiness, as well as good health that turns into good performance in your daily activities. We did some researcher before to start this article, and found that both interior designers as well as some circadian neuroscientists agree that having a space that supports the soul filling act of sleeping, reading and snuggling the people and pets you love is essential.

5 Best Decorating Ideas to Optimize Your Master Bedroom

Did you know toy will spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping? This is the reason why sleep is the most important activity you can do to be healthy both physically and mentally; therefore you need to create an excellent sleep environment, which produces a perfect climate for all the bedroom activities you develop. The following are some ideas we have chosen for you in order to reach you magical master bedroom project.

Be Your Master Bedroom Interior Designer

This idea also applies in case you count on a professional interior designer for your project. Since your ideas and style should predominate, before to start the makeover talk with your interior designer about the special blend of the elements of design, and the aspects of your favorite environment aspects that you would like to subtly add into your design.

Establish Priorities, Focus on The Bed

Give priority in your bedroom makeover by investing in the high- quality and best comfort that you can afford. Your bed should be taken as the heart of your master bedroom, so make sure it has a mattress that is comfortable, fits your body and give you a good night of sleep. Take good care of it, dust mite resistant mattress pad are ideal to cover it; and regarding to when to change it, this will up to you because you feel that it is not comfortable anymore, and then it will be time to replace it. When it comes to sheets, two sets of them and pillow cases of good quality fabrics will make you feel really cozy.

Pillows should be the right for you, be careful when choosing them, because after a short time of use, they can take a pancake crappy shape that is unhealthy; you can also take care of your pillows by protecting them with dust mite pillows covers. Sometimes people consider having decorations on their beds; our advice will be to keep them to a minimum and with a purpose such as, hiding the wrinkly sleeping pillows. The idea is to have decorations that make you happier, for instance a beautiful fabric or colors that delight you.

It is all about décor details!

The accessories or decorating elements you can choose in order to enhance your master bedroom should be meaningful, without creating an overwhelming environment. Keep this space of your home clean and the accessories to a minimum, in order to provide a calming area; showcase items that tell the story of your life such as significant photographs. Moreover, you can consider adding something organic to your bedroom for instance; plants or fresh flowers, they do not only bring new energy into your master bedroom but remove toxins from the air. For a bold look, let your character shine and mix up your favorite accessories (perhaps artwork pieces) and finishing touches, be sure to have fun in the process of making all the elements work together those items you really love and are special to you will perform at their best.

Lighting It Up Properly

While sleeping, try to keep light coming in windows, a good idea can be using black out curtains or heavy drapes. In order to create a dramatic effect, your master bedroom lamps should provide a soft glow, by using lampshades you are keeping the light intensity to a minimum; remember that lower wattage bulbs are recommended, perhaps 45- 60 watts. Another great option to lighten your master bedroom is to install dimmers switches that allow you to control the lighting in your room and intensify it whenever you need it. An interesting fact about natural light is that when you are exposure to it at the appropriate time, you body’s clock is on track, so letting sunlight come into your room during the day can be considered an excellent idea.

Make Sure You Master Room Have the Right Temperature


Because a bedroom that is too warm or to cool can disrupt your sleep, 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal bedroom temperature. Over- layering can also be a problem, multiple blankets and pillows look awesome in your master bedroom, however too many covers can cause a night of fitful sleep; so select convenient materials that can suitably fit your nights after a day of hard working.

Home makeovers have become a craze these days; home renovations and easy décor boosters are evidence that everyone is looking for ways to enhance their living spaces and as this trend grows, homeowners are paying more attention to updating their home’s public areas, neglecting that the master bedroom should be the most comfortable and personal area of any home; boosting its décor will surely have a major impact on the quality and quantity of sleep, two really significant factors on people’s health quality. From FinishBuild we encourage you think about your master bedroom as one of the top priorities of your home, it meets you needs for rest and rejuvenation can be easier than you may think. Be aware of the investment and take the time to get inspired, your master bedroom makeover does not happen overnight but will be certainly worth it; focus on what you want in order to create your new master bedroom sanctuary.

Do not underestimate the importance of your sleep environment, design an inviting master bedroom that helps you quickly transition to rest…you start, we Finish!