2016 Mosaic Tiles: Best Places for Installation

%name 2016 Mosaic Tiles: Best Places for Installation

When it comes to mosaic tiles it seems to be all about color. Commonly associated with painting, mosaics provide two-dimensional designs. For this reason, no wonder why mosaic tiles are often used for large-scaled decorations. Color its everywhere, on clothes, cars, toys, furniture as well, which gradually helps us to define our gears style. Just like colored clothes can complement us and provide us more confidence, it can also give us a better mind and spirit attitude.

Although the origin of mosaics is accredited to the Greeks, mosaics were also used in Assyrian, Egypt, Persia, nowadays, mosaic tiles are used worldwide. Generally, mosaic tiles are a compound of small pieces of just one material with psychedelic color combinations. Red, for instance, is used to stimulate and increase the action of arterial blood in chromotherapy, consequently red items or red paint used in rooms can be used for exciting and cheering atmospheres. Yellow is another excellent example to stimulate our psychics, under yellow sunlight our bodies absorb nutrients easily.

On the other hand blue and violet colors have cooling and electrical properties. In medicine field, blue and white used together in chromotherapy has helped heal rheumatism and nervousness.


Where to install Mosaic Tiles?

Options are endless as long as you are willing to add some color to your home or business areas.

Clean Mosaic: In the bathroom, for example, mosaic tiles can be used to create startling look. Try to settle it around the mirror, for instance, instead of having simple tiles on the bathroom walls, you can have a mosaic which wraps around the room. Sinks areas are another option if you want to remain your walls intact, a colorful mosaic which covers the area on which the washbasin is placed. It would definitely offer the room an exotic look.

%name 2016 Mosaic Tiles: Best Places for InstallationCook Mosaic: The backsplash is often the focal point, as we have mention on previous posts, nevertheless another option, is to use mosaic tiles as purely decorative elements and to create interesting designs for the backsplash instead of covering the entire backsplash area. So, get creative with mosaic tile products, either flowing around the windows or used in key places. If you happen to own an island, then you have the opportunity to also include mosaic tiles in its design. You can match the mosaic to that used for the backsplash.

Chill with Mosaic: In order to make your patio more interesting and visually-appealing, you can surround yourself with bright patterns by applying mosaic to your patio floor. Custom pebbles mosaic can give the patio a contented and cozy look. On the other hand, if trying a more summer look you might want to try a different kind of mosaic, like big stones or pavers and allow grass to grow through them. And if you dispose them in a spiral shape around a fire place to mimic a gastropod shell you would have an special nest for you and your loved ones.

Mosaic tiles are open-mind

%name 2016 Mosaic Tiles: Best Places for InstallationWhat FinishBuild loves about mosaic tiles products is the fluency that mosaic tiles have when juxtaposition comes. Rarely seen, mosaic can also go on your fence in order to make more interesting-looking. Mosaic tiles seem to suit perfectly on any material like, glass, wood or stone.

On Wood: Mosaic tiles versatility allows you to cut them to shape and size easily, making it ideal for many situations. You can install mosaic on most any wood surface, but be conscious that wood can sag or warp and is not always water-proof. Nevertheless we suggest sealing the wood before applying the mosaic as added insurance. On Terracotta and clay objects offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to mosaic on.

Cement and Glass: There is always a choice on cement or glass, by adding mosaic to one of your kitchen walls; you can provide some extra light to these warm spaces. Even on pre-made concrete objects like birdbaths, stepping stones and planters. When it comes to mosaic tiles, glass is no exception, maybe on flat sheets of window glass or glass items like bowls, plates or mirrors.

Adhesive on Mosaic Tiles

%name 2016 Mosaic Tiles: Best Places for InstallationA good mosaic finish project do not only depends on the appearance of your tiles but also the type of adhesive you will choose. Even though silicone, silicone-based glues, ultraviolet curing glues, and construction adhesives are the most regular options, keep into account that each mosaic product has a special type of glue that goes well with.

FinishBuild suggest you to check the package and match the adhesive to your mosaic tile product. Nevertheless, options are available, like Acrylic Based Adhesive, for example, which is sold under several brand names. For mosaics tiles try to get white or crystal clear glue, otherwise it might look awkward and the end. The installing area is very important before buying adhesive for your mosaic tiles, take water-resistant adhesive if your project happens to be in a bathroom.

Epoxy Resins are another option to get your mosaic tiles in place. This item basically corresponds to a two part adhesive consisting of a resin which is hardly mixed together right before use. Epoxy Resins attached mosaic tiles to metals, which it goes perfectly for an outdoor project. Finally, last but not least we have Cement Based Mortars option which is the traditional adhesive made by mixing powdered cement, sand and water. You can also find quick setting, pre-colored, made for glass, Thinset, and traditional mixes.

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