Mosaic Backsplash tips for Kitchens and Bathrooms

The days when sinks were governed by right angles and flat surfaces are over, nowadays, technology and imagination are ruling using nature as inspiration. Surfaces on some sinks are now looking liquid, influenced by the natural world, technological innovation and the message of conserving water. Materials have also changed, before the 1940, heavy stone and stainless steel were too expensive to ship so that sinks based on these materials were not available then. Nickel silver which consists on an alloy of zinc, copper, and nickel, were among the first two, with copper, the materials used for sinks which were only found in wealthy homes.

Modern kitchens may include stainless steel appliances, large windows that filter the morning light into a breakfast nook, nevertheless today’s kitchen backsplash options range from classic to modern, FinishBuild has taken mosaic as one of the material options to add to your backsplash areas in order to make it appealing.

1. Adding character

The hand-painted, old-world appearance looks superb in a traditionally styled kitchen. Artisan appearance, for example, would sleek brick-shaped tiles with slightly irregular edges that take traditional beauty to a whole new level. Regarding colors, we suggest to go for neutral colors that harmonize your style decor and add some texture. By adding some mosaic tiles you can increase the profundity and a particular scene to your kitchen or bathroom areas. You might not be interested on an entire rainbow splash, therefore we recommend you to set at least 3 or 2 colors can help you on balanced the design of these areas.

Mosaic tiles are a very good choice if your kitchen and bathroom areas are wall-white painted, therefore if you are into updating you backsplash, colorful glass mosaic is one way to refresh and modernize your kitchen without having to do a complete renovation. You can find amber and red tones, and the light-reflecting qualities of glass enhance the natural light, adding even more beauty and brightness to your kitchen.

2. Mosaic glass

Mosaic glass is one of the ways of adding an extra sparkling look to your cooking areas, and due to the fact that it might go old-world or modern minimalist design, glass tile can help to improve your design. You can try either a simple glass tile backsplash that comer on one color, or mix multiple colors for optical interest. Clear or iridescent finishes are available and you can also achieve a trendy design by using glass mosaic tile, such as aquamarine style.

Personalizing your backsplash depends on your sink too. In order to innovate no visible pipes and a self-draining surface are been applied onto the new sink designs. We suggest you to go for something different, whether is your kitchen bowl or bathroom sin, aspect contains both a visual and physical function, and nowadays sinks come with curves to reduce splashing, and incisions to guide water into the hole. Accordingly, you can use your backsplash to create a statement, opting to use natural stone tile in either a traditional or modern shape. For a smooth and harmonized effect, try going with a stone slab countertop alongside a natural stone tile backsplash. Materials like marble, quartzite, limestone, or granite can be on your option catalog.

Keep into account that you can use two different patterns in same shade to create a streamlined look between your backsplash and flooring. Mosaic Tiles now come in a horizontal design. This tile is narrow and sticklike, and features random colors in muted, yet contrasting tones.

3. What FinishBuild recommend

FinishBuild believes that by mixing shades you might have a more outstanding mosaic look, if you want to make backsplash your main focal point, by switching up the pattern it is possible. Seeing mosaic tiles arranged in a very organized way is classic, nevertheless, waking up your kitchen by taking a different tile approach may your entire kitchen and bathroom areas look totally updated.

Enhance the design by playing with the layout once you have picked a tile for your backsplash. Consider placing linear-shaped tiles, run pencil mosaics vertically over small spaces. Another way to boost your mosaic tile design is by creating unexpected geometric shapes in place of traditional shapes. Try to mix the color palette, add borders, and include accents. With today’s limitless color choices, you can find colors and patterns to mix together that will perfectly complement your existing kitchen decor. Keep into account that you not only have to add mosaic, by adding another nature elements such as stones or small wood pieces you would definitely be recycling, being eco and pocket budget friendly.

For a deeper hint of color into your bathrooms, consider the beautiful tones of jewel mosaic tile style, which offer options that include lovely amber and red tones. This simple addition, can add light-reflecting qualities of glass enhance the natural light that goes perfectly if your bathroom has a window adding even more beauty and brightness this relaxing area.We usually underestimate lighting, so before buying mosaic tile try to check them under daylight and in the artificial light. Soft blues and greens might look fresh in morning light, but dull under incandescent light or at the end of the day.

Last but not least, regarding your kitchen areas, choose the countertop first and then match the backsplash. This follows synergies in order to work with both elements. Choices are waiting out there for you, nevertheless in a bathroom area tiles should be selected first in order to choose the proper sink.

You start. We Finish!