2016 Garden Trends You Will Fall in Love With

There is nothing like the rewarding feeling you experiment once you have accomplished that dreamy home improvement project, with the expected results and look you wanted; so why not get involved in a new adventure but this time with your home garden? Gardens have the amazing feature of fostering a great sense of community through neighbor to neighbor connections. There are also some other tremendous factors that might encourage you to create a gorgeous as well as functional garden in your home’s exteriors, for instance; gardens beautify landscape as they allow you to be creative and make a potential area to grow an innovative garden, under your needs and taste. They can also serve as a food source for you, your family and the overall community because you do not need to rely on vendors to supply fresh products.

Moreover, gardens have the great ability to make a very positive environmental impact. Just to give you one example, we can mention those waste products that remind in our kitchen and are immediately throw into a garbage can, instead of doing this you can easily use them as nutrient rich additives for your brand new garden. This is a winning/winning idea because you will not have to deal with the odors coming from the trash, that are provided by these waste products, and additionally you are producing your own natural fertilizer for your plants. Furthermore, beautiful gardens make your house look even more gorgeous and charming; they provide adorable flowers, aesthetics, scenic growth, and if you want, they can also be a natural source of nutritious vegetables and fruits.

Top Garden Trends in 2016

Whether you are planning to create or renovate your home garden; here we have enlisted some of the top garden trends that have been inspiring people to get the functional and eye- catching garden they have dreamt.

Regarding coloring structures…

People is incorporating more color out of their structures, by this we mean that when it comes to fences, arbors or houses, homeowners are painting these areas in dark green or blue instead of the traditional style such as white, brown or gray. The reason that has lead people to decide on these colors can be attributed to the 2016 European influence, where people enjoy creating vibrant backgrounds for setting off their plants in the garden. Keeping up with the garden structures, details of a stone wall, attractive edging or delicate branching designs in the landscape are the hot trends people is following for this magnificent area of any house.

What about Garden Style?

When it comes to urban design for 2016 minimalism and simplicity are the two most highlighted trends that show up, they say that “less is more” and this is definitely the best example to prove it. Designers as well as customers are agreeing on true appreciation for subtle garden styles, rather than lavish and big designs that were seen in previous years. Perhaps you are wondering how to incorporate these trends; well it is not a difficult task, as long as you make good decision on color schemes, especially monochrome such as white, gray and black. These colors are the most dominant shades for garden trend in 2016; just one of these colors incorporated in your overall design will add that extra pop to your garden. In 2016 night lighting has also been in the spotlight of garden features, this is because of how easy is to make a garden shine and make a true impact.

Sustainability & Landscape

Striving to combine both sustainability and landscape is another great trend of this year. Even though it is a challenging trend, designers and costumers have been able to appreciate how important is to create sustainable landscaping. The benefits of sustainable gardens are vast, so this is the reason why you have seen and will be seeing more of this trend in new designs.

What Type of Plants for Your Garden?

As we mentioned at the beginning, single or monochrome colored garden trend also follows on plant trends. One can think that having a massive display of only one color can go against basic colorful garden design; you might be surprised about the overall amazing visual impact. On the other hand, homeowners and designers are being attracted by treating a plant pot as a small scale landscape; this means that instead of having a single houseplant in a pot, you can apply the “thriller, spiller, filler” container gardening techniques or the most suitable for you design principles to indoor gardens. It is also important to mention that as the obsession with container gardening is one of the hottest trends this year, plant companies are also encouraging people to bring outdoor plants inside, no matter how small is the space you have assigned for growing your plants, containers are still a great solution for limited outdoor space; for instance if one of your favorite outdoor plant is Bandera purple lavender, then  bring it indoor and choose it as an excellent fragrant alternative for the usual cut flowers space. In order to follow this trend; your houseplants should be in containers that also have herbs or veggies treated as foliage, all this toward creative manifestations.

Your Garden beautiful and Also a Foodie Centric Growing

Terrarium, living wall, indoor planter, whatever the name you have heard it is, people are feeling really interested in gardens that not only provide beauty to their houses but are also an exceptional source of fresh products; harvesting micro- greens from their own windowsill is the best example of taking garden’s functions to another level. Baby basil, radish tops, cherry tomato (also called Sweet Valentine), are just a few examples we can mention of plants that look pretty on a tabletop or in a window box.

From herb garden, vegetal garden or flower garden, the benefits of creating a healthy and pretty one are many. When you create and grow your garden you have a new appreciation from nature, as you have the opportunity to see how your plants grow.  Benefits go from financial to physical ones; so reasons to build your own garden are just plenty. There is no denying that plants and their caring are not simple tasks; in order to own a stunning and healthy garden you need to commit with it and know that making your garden to look good sometime hard work is needed, but we are more than sure you can make it! Additionally, gardening gives you the opportunity to have a real sense of appreciation, because you can see the bounty of your effort. Start exploring the potential of your garden today, create not only an eye- catching garden but memories that last a lifetime with your loved ones…you dream it, we Build it!