2016 Appliances for Your Kitchen: The Direct Eco-Friendly Way


In pro of an eco-friendly cozy home for you and your love ones, FinishBuild staff once again is learning new way of having a lower impact on mother earth. Energy-efficiency upgrades are coming fast nowadays on many new appliances. And when it comes about your kitchen an efficient eco-friendly dishwasher, for example, can use a lot less water than washing the dishes by hand in the sink. However, if getting new green appliances, we have also got you covered, here we would share a few tips for an eco-friendly kitchen.

As soon as you replace your old-faithful items look, your approach and projections to daily tasks would change. Keep into account that when taking an eco-friendly lifestyle comes tons of changes not only around you and your house items but in your mind, your ways of seeing things and habits as well.

You might feel tired of hearing us say that less is more but when it comes to choose the right appliances size it is not necessary the better. If you’re getting a new fridge, for instance try to think small. A lot of food would last longer if it is not place in the fridge in the first place, like fruit, for example that goes rotten much faster in the fridge due to the ethylene gas which lets off as it ripens gets trapped in the fridge. Buying a smaller fridge and putting less in it saves you lots of energy and saves your food which can be translate on money.

Learning to improve the food storage can be easy and fun. And this small steps, that we would gladly share with you on taking care of what you buy is just the beginning to a more eco-friendly path. Keep into account that the food you bring in to your kitchen is just as important as the devices and kitchen appliances you have there, for that reason buying local whenever you can offer you an outdoor and friendly activity and a friendly budget.


On the fridge: What is inside is what it matters

Did you know that in many households, the refrigerator is the 3rd heaviest consumer of power among household appliances? Taking care of your body first is the key to start seeing and caring about your friends and family well-being. And when it comes to your fridge we get to the center of what nourish us, subsequently in order to save energy on your kitchen appliances, organic food have had risen near the top of eco-friendly food considerations, and the fewer miles from farm to table, the better. So, keep in mind organic fruits and vegetables as an option. In addition, since they’re bereft of preservatives, biocides and many other substances that inhabit conventional foods.  It is one of the few appliances that is running 365 days a year, increasing the importance, whenever possible, to have an eco-friendly refrigerator in your household. Above all with refrigerators, it is significant to properly dispose of your everyday market purchases.

Natural companies

Fortunately, nowadays we have plenty of natural cleaning companies out there producing non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based detergents. On the other hand everyday ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda, can help you to create your own cleaning products, as a result, by combining natural elements like lemon you can make a great all-purpose, non-toxic fridge cleaner. The options now are almost endless if you are thinking on buying a new fridge unlike traditional refrigerators, there are now: A+ Energy Star products. This particular feature makes them 20 per cent more efficient that the regular A-star rated products. Although priced on the higher side, it is expected to last for more than 20 years without giving you much trouble.

Dishwasher: solutions for a more eco-friendly use

Even though we mentioned eco-friendly dishwasher can use a lot less water than washing the dishes by hand in the sink, the dishwasher itself leaves a significant impact on the planet when you take into account the electricity required to run it.  Give it a thought, the water needed to run a load, the energy used to heat that water and the detergents that are used to clean your dishes it is an extensive process. But since at FinishBuild we love to offer your all the options available on the market, we now have a new eco-market with green solutions for your current dishwasher or even if you are thinking on getting a new one.

Washing machine Dryers

An eco-friendly washing machine can help you save significant money on your utility bills while helping the environment. Following best usage practices are important to reduce the environmental impact of your washing machine, keep into account that a typical family will wash over 400 loads of a laundry per year. The clothes dryer is one of, if not, the largest consumer of power in most households. Consider using it when you have a large amount of clothes, not just for 3 or 4 pieces. Nowadays big companies have green options like steam washer dryers, this one-in-all washer in combination with dryer can save both energy and water consumption. The steam wash produces steam which penetrates into clothes and reduces water consumption by 29 %. How does that sounds? 

Other appliances that are into Eco-life

Tv. Living on a technology era is better, and sometimes is HD. Tv’s are now more huge and more cool that on the 90’s and now they are eco too. Combined it with quality plasmas, power efficiency LCD TV, getting new eco-friendly plasmas seems a more appealing option. These TVs have a range of consuming less than 78 Watts.

Whasing Machines. Statistics alleged that a typical family will wash over 400 loads of a laundry per year. Washing machines are definitely a part of most of Americans and  when it comes to save a significant amount of money this eco-friendly utility can help your pocket while helping the environment.

Last tips


Regarding ovens. In order to save energy, when it comes to cooking time, you can put it in right away, then turn the oven off five or ten minutes early and let dishes finish cooking in the residual heat. The same suggestion goes for anything that you might cook on an electric stove top. Try to make the best use of your oven by cooking more than one thing at once. When cooking on the stove, using a properly sized pot for each of the stove burners also makes a difference. Pressure cookers are another great way to save energy, reducing cooking time by up to 70 percent. FinishBuild likes you green, the most energy efficient cooking means leaving heat out of the equation altogether. You might want to try salads, chilled soups, and other dishes that require little preparation and also can be eaten cold.

Last but not least reuse what you can, like old glass jars or bottles, grocery bags, and packaging you can think about different purposes. Regarding with organic waste you might want to compost any uncooked food, including cardboard and paper, most of all if you have a garden on which to spread humus. After all we came to make of this a better place to live.

You start. We Finish!