2016 and Its Interior Design tendencies

AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES destacada 300x138 2016 and Its Interior Design tendencies

2016 has been a good year itself. For us as a company, FinishBuild has been growing with the purpose of evolving to a new way of approaching simple projects as an enjoyable journey. Therefore, we would like to dedicate this post on a matter that concern to us all, because it goes as an inherent element on the set up of projects course: Interior Design.

This year, so far, has brought a swing towards indoor atmospheres. Even though companies insist on establish a particular style. We might like to share some variations on what we have seen as a pattern up to now. 2016 has taken the appearance simplicity craving.  Let’s call it and spiral easiness. If you are able to recall the image of a spiral, there is a pattern but with swing gravitation. Minimalism style it has been mixed. As a result, a luxury plain space, but decorated with wonderful objects, art, fabric, and even furniture transport you to exceptional scenes. The interesting fact is the refining visualization and distilling it to the best things that speak to you, in order to create your magnificent nest.

When it comes to interior designs, possibilities are uninterrupted, which leads us from eclectic interiors combined with minimalism style. Modernism joins this year in order to please individual interests giving birth to a fresh traditional style. Earth colors stamped on furniture, antiques and classic items mixed in synchronization. It is all about comfort, tradition, and valuing the coziness of home areas.


AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES 2 300x300 2016 and Its Interior Design tendencies

Currently, the palette for 2016 is filled with shades of pink, red “meat” and peach. The designers do not hesitate to bet on colors that mark the new trends.  Style without the gloss, on solid colors invades the décor field, and one of the advantages is the possibility of being used in any room of the house in multiple combinations.

The tendency for this year is dull colors, such as black, which goes perfectly in combination with other colorful items. Black is back and popping up all over the living room scene on the walls. We get that a big black living room may not be for everyone, but these darker hues instantly add drama to your space or at least at one of your living room walls. If you are not ready to darken your room then bring in some black through accessories or furniture.

Metallic samples are also very on right now, but gold is having a more refined line. Therefore you might want to add some golden looks on coffee table or decorative accessories. Brushed, satin, or matte finishes can also go very well on fabrics or curtains.


Regarding the use of materials, Interior Design has established an open-mind point of view. A solid trend for 2016 is the visibility of materials such as brass, copper, wood and marble compounds on the indoor ornament items. Therefore, the multiple usages of the glamorous materials, such as copper and brass, combined it harmonically can make of your home spaces  a rich field for art application.

Furniture options

AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES 3 300x300 2016 and Its Interior Design tendencies

In the case of living rooms: Minimal living has always been on trend with a certain sector of society, and minimal look it is the result of the tendencies contest. FinishBuild definitely support luxury and dramatic styles, a well accessorized living room can be inviting and also feel like home, look amazing in photographs.

 Nevertheless, sparse and open living-rooms redefine the idea of having more. The idea of starting fresh with the support of the functionally aspect, provides a peaceful idea of having all you need with beautiful things. It is not about having unattractive- cheap belongings. It is about having the perfect item, unique & beautiful on an uncluttered space.

On the other hand, modern farmhouse style has made a trend much more accessible to those of you that are not quite ready to go full royal style. This trend is all about blending your classic rustic pieces with some of up-to-date and modern items. By bringing in some aged leather club chairs, for example, warming your living-room areas can be a piece of cake!

FinishBuild staff has a very special item to offer as a trend for 2016. According to this year tendencies wood plat-formed furniture can go awesomely on between a zen style or rustic Scandinavian attitude. The wood plat-formed furniture is surprisingly on or at least we do love to look at it. This type of furniture may not be for everyone, but for those of you who appreciate clean lines, simple forms, and a streamlined look this trend is for you and your living-room areas.

AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES 1 300x300 2016 and Its Interior Design tendenciesClustered Coffee Tables are another option. For those of you with a bit more eclectic mind, FinishBuild propose the clustered coffee table trend that might be your ally. Regarding sizes this item works in a small space, when a large coffee table that takes up a lot of real estate may not be the best option. As we have said in other posts, we always encourage you to keep it simple, vary the heights, or try modular furniture items to keep the multifunction ability.


Least but not last. Try colorful covers. A few slipcovers might boost your living-room spaces. Keep into account that this element can be a lifesaver if walls and furniture seem too uptight. Therefore in order to lose it off, the fabric in washed linen or canvas, and a table slipcovering can decorate even more beautifully, than a ballerina. Keep it modern but simple.

Your living-room interior is like your mind interiors. Keep it simple
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