12 Ideas to Light Up Your Outdoors

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness” Desmond Tutu.

Studies have shown that the quality of lights directly influenced on people in different ways; for instance, good lighting enhances the mood in either indoor or outdoor areas of your home and additionally contributes greatly to people’s sense of well- being. On the other hand, lighting designers suggest that having right lights in your spaces will help to improve your home’s look as well as reduce lighting costs. Based on these very relevant facts, we went in search of the best alternatives for you to create a functional and welcoming outdoor ambience, which will work at its best whether for late summer party or a regular weekend grill.

Our 12 ideas to light your outdoor space

Enjoy and make the most of your summer or weekend nights with the proper kind of lighting you’re your outdoor zone.

1. Strip form lights

For this idea you should be sure you opt for outdoor rated string lights, and it will be also good to use string lights, this way you can hang them far from an outlet. Nothing can accomplish the soft, glowing light cafe style lights strung overhead than this option; they are not expensive at all and you can install them freely without breaking the bank.

2. Sconces

An excellent option when you want to cast a glow on an open patio or backyard. A lantern style fixture will be great because it will cast a larger glow than one mounted flush against the house.

3. Recessed lighting

We love this alternative, because it includes dimmers! This lighting idea is simple and sleek; it would be perfect tucked into a home’s covered patio.  Dimmers switches have the ability to adjust the lighting to accordingly suit the mood, not to mention that dimmer is a feature you can do yourself.

4. Brighten the way

Light up your garden walkway, your deck or patio with a dramatic effect by using our excellent variety of landscape lighting options.

5. Give DYI pendant shades a go

For a unique outdoor shade, whether electric or battery powered hanging bulbs could be a starting point. How? Here is our suggestion: you may cut the bottoms from candle holders, and then fit them around basic pendant lights, this way you will create a dabbled light effect in your outdoor dining room.

6. Stainless always looks great!

You cannot go wrong with stainless steel pendants; they will blend flawlessly with most of your outdoor furnishings and at the same time will solidify an industrial- chick look.

7. Try bringing your indoors out

Use your favorite light fixture as the focal point and create a Japanese inspired zone. Glass and metal lights will look really pretty in the summer months, and you can also store them indoor for winter season.

8. Add lighting to your stair raiser

In case you did not know it, having just one or two steps can actually cause more accidents than a taller staircase; especially at dusk, believe or not that simple step can be easy to miss. Do yourself your family and guests a favor and install lighting in this area, we believe this is a kind of thing to do and eve though is a small touch, will provide nice ambience and most importantly, prevent falls.

9. Consider an old fixture light for a new outdoor style

Do not limit your ideas only to throw candles on the table; with a few tweaks, turn a discarded chandelier into one powered battery operated candles. Pergolas or freestanding structures look amazing bur they may not be available to get electricity.

10. Lighting in your trees is a good idea

Take advantage of each feature in your backyard, garden or patio and illuminate your trees; it creates an exceptional atmosphere that will make you want to stay outdoors forever. By just placing simple uplighting, you can highlight your trees without disparaging the beauty of a cool evening.

11. Rope light with a pretty message

Typography is an interesting and in vogue choice, so bring the trend outdoors and add lettered décor with rope lights. This lighting option takes less than an hour to be achieved; however its lasting effects on the mood of your space will last in the long term.

12. Go international style

Get inspired by the eclectic look that a Moroccan lantern can add to your outdoor zone. The pieces you want in this idea can vary considerably in price, so it is a matter of adjust the lighting idea to your budget. A really quick and inexpensive suggestion would be find a thrift store lantern and use candles for the light source.

Trendy lighting styles you might give a try…

Architectural lighting: light up hard stone or soft wood front the inside and enjoy one of the most exciting ways to use architectural lighting style in your home; as an extra idea we could add lights for trees that simulate moonlight for a pretty and subtle look.

Vibrant colors: create a cool impact in your outdoor area and do not only consider one lighting color, be fresh and instead change the color of the light at a press of the switch that will significantly change the mood and feel of this area.

Outdoor wall lighting: with this style you will not only provide your outdoor zone with light but will boost the architecture of the house, adding comfort and warmth to your home’s exterior.

If done the right way, outdoor lighting will make your home stand out; it won’t matter if it is raining, which is something that definitely can happen, your home can look and feel larger by having the right lighting and what’s more, adding beautiful lights to certain spaces will draw the appear to extend your backyard. Giving out best in order to help you as much as possible before, during and after your home improvement project, in FinishBuild we really hope our outdoor lighting ideas help you spark your imagination for that perfect outdoor zone you have always wanted.