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Bedroom Furniture by Finishbuild

The fundamental factor in bedroom furniture is undoubtedly its functionality. The magazine furniture looks great, but if once placed in our room we find that they are too big and overwhelming, or that we cannot save everything we need, the result is disastrous, since we will have a room that will not help us at all. Aesthetics is not so important for our day to day life.

That is why the first thing to think about is what we need from our furniture and choose according to it. Think about the things you have to know if you need one or more furniture, think about the space you have the distribution you want to create, etc.

So analyze the dimensions of your room very well. Draw on a plane if you need your outline with the dimensions of each wall and create on it the composition to believe suitable. Think that there is furniture of all types in the market, we even have the option to choose custom furniture, so do not cut yourself when creating.

Many times we overshadowed whole rooms that look great in magazines, but we do not realize that then when applying them at home our room may not look so good. By this we do not mean that you do not look at catalogs. But that inspiration is what we encourage you to find, not an imitation of everything you see.

The style of the furniture is also very personal. We have indeed prepared many practical articles on different styles of decoration that you can implement in your bedroom. The only thing that you must have present, choose the style that you choose, is that you are faithful to this one. Mixing styles is not advised, so make sure all furniture follows a philosophy. In harmony is the key to success.

Equally (and lastly) we encourage you to pay special attention to one of the most important elements of a bedroom. We talked about the bed. In this you should not skimp on expenses, especially on the mattress. But the backing on which it is supported is also very important.

Everything we do during the day depends very much on the rest we have had during the night, so you can already intuit the importance of a good mattress. And health is also important for the choice of mattress and bed, because if our back rests, the rest of the body will notice.

Once known the aspects that have to be taken into account is the time to know where we can acquire good furniture.

How to choose the right Furniture for the Bedroom:

Ideas that will help you choose the pieces of furniture for your bedroom.

There is a golden rule that applies on either side: choose pieces that fit the dimensions of each intended area. It is very simple, if you choose too large furniture, space is reduced creating a chaotic environment. If, on the other hand, very small furniture is chosen, it will end up being lost in space and giving the impression of an austere atmosphere.

Here are some ideas that will help you in choosing the right furniture for an area of your home: the bedroom.


For this we need a very large bed, a King size, the problem is that not always the main bedroom has enough space for this size of beds, and runs the risk of not being able to move on one side to another.

The bed must be the first piece of furniture to choose, the other pieces will depend on this choice. So before buying, take the measurements well, make sure there is enough space to circulate and that no door or drawer of the closet or closet is obstructed.

For smaller rooms, beds with low headboards are ideal, as they give the illusion of a wider space. You also have the option of using the headboard.

The tables

On the left and right side of the bed, the bedside tables, indispensable for sheltering a lamp, books, alarm clocks, remote controls, glasses, glasses of water, etc. are not missing.

As you will see are a lot of things, so the appropriate option is to choose tables with enough size to place all things.

It may or may not combine with the bed, new trends indicate that is not necessary, but what is convenient is that it has one or two drawers so that everything is not in sight. In case of small rooms, it is a good idea to have a shelf on the wall on each side of the bed.

The Chest of Drawers

There are two options, comfortable low and long, or tall and narrow. Again everything will depend on the dimensions of the room. If you have space you can also opt for a trunk at the foot of the bed or under the window. For the small rooms an excellent ally is the use of a coat rack, an option to hang clothes.

The Closet

Today, most of the houses allocate one more, even if small, for the closet. If this is so, it means that your bedroom will have a larger space, so it is well worth it to have a place to sit in the same room. A small sofa, a fun puff, an elegant chaise lounge or couch, are just some options. The important thing is that these accessories do not rob place to essential furniture pieces.

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