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Bathtub by FinishBuild

         Are you looking for a new bathtub for your bathroom? At FinishBuild we have a wide catalog of products that we are sure you will love. But before making the decision to buy your bathtub there are several factors that you should consider, among them the style of your decoration, the material you need, the size, the type of installation, price and above all your lifestyle.


        The style of your bathtub must fit perfectly with the style of your bathroom, for that reason the bathtubs come in an infinity of shapes, finishes and colors. If your style is simple, you can choose a beautiful bathtub in a traditional acrylic shape. If you want to give a glamorous touch to your bathroom we suggest a copper bathtub, in addition to being beautiful they are a wonderful focal point! If you are looking for a modern bathtub there are glass walls and whirlpools that we are sure you will love.


Since the bathtub is one of the places where you will spend a lot of time, it is very important to find the material that is most comfortable for you since each material feels different to the touch. Among the most common materials used to make a bathtub we can mention:

  • Fiberglass: It is one of the most economical and common materials that can be obtained, if your budget is limited you can get a nice fiberglass bathtub at an affordable price.
  • Porcelain: Porcelain-built bathtubs are quite durable, and since they are not porous they will not deform or deteriorate over time. It is important to clarify that the porcelain coating is quite delicate for strong impacts, so avoid dropping objects on it. Strong blows can cause very noticeable imperfections on its surface.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic bathtubs are lightweight and available in many styles and sizes. Acrylic is a popular choice for both built-in and freestanding bathtubs. Unlike fiberglass, acrylic is not porous, making its durability much longer. Acrylic bathtubs are resistant to chipping and strong impacts, although as a precaution you should refrain from throwing objects in your bathtub.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic bathtubs are formed by molding numerous ceramic tiles together until it hardens. The benefit of this method of construction is that ceramic is quite similar to clay, meaning it comes in many different styles and sizes, more than any material on the market. The drawback to this is that ceramic must be continually maintained or it will eventually deteriorate and crumble.
  • Copper: copper bathtubs are custom made and are the cusp of what is considered a luxury bathtub. This material is incredibly durable, holds heat, requires absolutely no additional maintenance other than consistent water use and is aesthetically brilliant.
  • Wood: bathtubs constructed from natural wood need to be sealed with water resistant wax. A wood bathtub give a very rustic style. The wax will hold for several years, but over time these bathtubs will tend to break down with consistent use.


Another important consideration is the size of your bathtub. Size is an important factor as your home may not need a larger bathtub if a smaller bathtub size will do. Generally, if your home can support it and you have the space for it, a larger tub is recommended. In the case of freestanding and corner bathtubs, if you have the requisite space, then by all means, choose those styles. But, if your space is more limited, alcove, drop-in, and soaking might be more suitable for you. While it looks visually more appealing, a larger bathtub will also require a heftier water bill as it will require more water to fill completely compared to a smaller size. Smaller sizes also come in more useful variants like the Japanese soaking style, which allows you to sit comfortably and soak. The counter to this is that smaller bathtubs are also not for everyone and some may feel the more compact size of them to be cramped compared to a large sized tub. To measure out your home and discover which size is more appropriate for your bathroom, you may look at our guide here.


        The installation of the bathtub is an important aspect to consider before making your purchase, since you must have the space and the required piping system. Installation types include:

  • Freestanding
  • Drop in
  • Alcove
  • Corner


        The price of a bathtub will depend on the quality of the chosen material, the style and the technical characteristics. There is a wide range of prices with very good options, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect bathtub for your budget.

At FinishBuild we have bathtubs in a wide variety of sizes, materials, shapes and prices, thinking of offering the option that best suits you.

We know that a bathtub is not only for taking a bath, but it is also your moment of relaxation, your children’s play area, and it can even be used to bathe your pets.

Do not hesitate to write us to answer your questions and help you get the perfect bathtub for your bathroom!