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Bathroom Sinks by FinishBuild

Are you looking for a sink to update your bathroom? Here at finishbuild you can find a wide variety of sinks of different types, sizes, materials and brands. The bathroom is a space that is taking center stage thanks to its complements with modern designs and high quality materials. Currently the sinks and pedestals stand out not only for their lines, but also for their colors and design that add personality. Choose sinks that highlight the style of your environment.

The most popular version of sinks is the countertop sink. This type of bathroom sink is mounted directly into the vanity or cabinetry. A countertop sink is either directly set into the cabinetry or above the counter. A vessel sink, or above-the-counter sink, makes a visually stunning statement in all types of bathrooms.

In addition to countertop sinks, pedestal sinks can make a beautiful statement in your home bathroom. A pedestal sink is marked by a basin that sits atop a tall and slender base. This vintage look can also be adapted for contemporary design. These types of bathroom sinks work perfectly for people who do not need a lot of counter or storage space.

If you prefer modern or contemporary design, then a wall-mounted bathroom sink is a great selection for your bathroom. Wall-mounted sinks often have clean straight lines and the lack of cabinetry creates an opening and relaxing environment. Wall-mounted sinks expose the piping, so it’s important to make sure you have recently updated your bathroom sink hardware.

Vintage design looks great in any bathroom. Console sinks resemble entryway tables with their tall legs and drop-in sinks. These popular sinks are either mounted to the wall with two long legs in front or are made with four legs, as though they are a console table. Although console bathroom sinks are often made with vintage design, there are also many designs that look well in a modern or contemporary bath.

Maintenance and Care of Sinks

To maintain the beauty of your sink, keep in mind the following tips in your routine or deep cleaning

  1. Ordinary maintenance

The best way to clean the sink is to use a soft cloth or sponge, diluting commonly used detergents with warm water. It is recommended not to use aggressive detergents, acids and bases.

It is recommended to rinse the surface of the sink with water, drying the wet parts with a spongy cloth.

All these attentions will help to avoid the formation of limestone stains, especially on dark colored sinks.

  1. Removal of stubborn stains

Traces of stubborn dirt can be removed with a cloth soaked in bleach diluted with water, or with alcohol or in extreme cases with acetone.

Carefully rinse the surface with water after the operation

  1. Extraordinary interventions

The sink is composed of a mixture with a high percentage of inert fillers that make the product very hard and resistant.

This characteristic can cause the formation of streaks due to the continuous rubbing of the metal pans.

Streaks are the release of small metal particles and can be removed with brushes (such as Scotch Brite) in combination with commonly used detergents