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Bathroom Faucets by FinishBuild

The faucet is a focal point of your bathroom, whether you are remodeling or redecorating your bathroom, or building a completely new one, choosing the right faucet for the bathroom can make a difference in your appearance. Finding the right faucet for the bathroom means considering a series of aspects such as the type of installation, the color and appearance, and the type of handle.

Mounting Type

It is very important to make sure that the faucet we select is compatible with the sink, so you should keep in mind the mounting type before making your purchase.

  • Centerset: These faucets require three holes and have handles that are 4 inches apart. This type of faucet combines a spout and handles into a single base unit.. Some centerset faucets may have two handles mounted onto a 6-inch plate.
  • Single-Hole: Your sink must have only one hole, if it has more than one use an optional plate to cover them up.
  • Vessel: These taller faucets are meant to complement a vessel sink, which sits higher than other sink types. They typically come as a single handle.
  • Wall-Mounted: It requires a separate wall-mounted valve and drain for installation. Make sure the spout is long enough for adequate basin clearance. To prevent splashing on your floor or countertops, check that your sink is deep enough. Do not buy this type of faucet if your sink has holes.
  • Widespread: Basins must have three-holes. This type of faucet is made up of three separate pieces (the handles and the spout) and the spacing between the handles ranges from 6 to 16 inches.

Color and Finish

You must choose the faucet with the color and appearance that best suits the style of your bathroom, considering that you must combine with the rest of the fixtures and accessories. You can choose between the variety of options we have available:

  • Black
  • Brass (antique or polished)
  • Bronze
  • Chrome (matte, brushed or polished)
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Nickel
  • Stainless Steel

Handle Type

There’s a variety of options for the simple act of turning a faucet on or off. Think about who’ll be using your bathroom before you make a selection. Cross Handles and knobs are very popular and comfortable options to use. Lever handles are available in many decorative styles and usually comes in cross or X-shaped design. With Touchless Motion-activated faucets you must place your hands under the spout to activate. A mixing valve allows you to control the blend of hot and cold water, and comes standard with some models but must be purchased separately for others. Some touchless faucets also include a manual override lever as an optional way to control the water flow. These faucets are a safe choice with children since you can control the temperature and flow of water. Touch-Activated don’t require you to manipulate handles or knobs. Activate them or turn them off with a simple tap to the top of the faucet. A handle controls the water temperature and acts as a manual control. These faucets work well for those with accessibility issues.