ALFI brand ABS14-PC 14 Inch Folding Teak Wood Shower Seat Bench

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ABS14-PC:The ALFI brand folding teak shower seat is a beautiful and practical accessory that provides a convenient and safe place to sit, while adding warmth to the feel of your shower space. Made of unstained natural teak wood and an innovative and compact design, you can easily fold the seat down while showering, then fold it up and away for extra space when not in use. Install the shower seat at the height that works best for you and fully enjoy your next shower experience. Natural unstained wood, leaving you to decide if you like the apperance of natural teak wood or prefer to stain or oil the wood to match your style. Available in Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel Finish. When properly installed, the maximum safe loading weight on this seat is 330 lbs. ADA Compliant as long as it’s installed at the correct comfortable height for Americans with Disabilities. Durable construction, made of natural solid teak wood with alumnium mounting bracket and brass seat bars. Requires installation onto a solid surface such as wooden studs or concrete wall, not just on drywall. Seat folds up/down for efficient use of space. Can be left in the up or down possition. Includes all hardware needed for secure installation. When folded the seat sticks out from the wall by 2″ at its widest point. The two cover plates which conceal the part that mounts to the wall are made of durable ABS plastic and coated with a matching finish.

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