ALFI brand AB10RC-PC 10 Inch Round Ceiling Mounted Shower Arm


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AB10RC-PC: A shower arm is the pipe fitting that connects the water supply inside your shower wall to your shower head. It’s important that you take some time to browse the variety of arms that are available in order to find the perfect fit for your needs. ALFI brand offers a large selection of single piece, easy to install shower arm designs, making it easier to decide what you want and to match the color and finish of your other bathroom fittings. This ALFI brand ceiling mounted round shower arm is perfect for use with extra-large shower heads like the rain series. Modern design and exceptional durability make this arm the perfect choice for upgrading your bathroom decor. Replace that old tiny shower arm with a shiny new one and instantly upgrade the look and functionality of your shower. Made of solid brass and coated in a brushed nickel finish or chromed to a high polish finish. Traditional round pipe design. Perfect for round rain shower heads. Designed to be mounted to the ceiling directly above your shower drain. Perfect for use with a rain shower head. Standard threading dimensions, will work with any standard shower head. Extended length for those that have high ceilings or simply prefer a longer arm in order to reach the desired height or distance. 1/2″ NPT male threading at the bottom to the shower head and 1/2″ NPT female threading at the top, to connect to water supply.

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