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Baseborards by FinishBuild

A Baseboard is a piece that is placed at the base of the partitions or walls of the rooms as an aesthetic element and to protect them from blows or friction. They are made of various materials, especially wood or ceramic. They can be the same color and material as the floor. To give a special charm to environments and also due to its useful function, the baseboard is an excellent element to be integrated into environments. It is an essential element for the protection of the walls and that helps to finish the small details of any decoration, like the wooden moldings.

Installation of a Baseboard

To place a baseboard, you have to measure the strip and mark the points where the cuts will be made. For the ends, it is advisable to use a box or miter saw to perfectly match the corners. Before fixing them, it is convenient to present the baseboards throughout the room to see if they fit perfectly and correct any irregularities. First those of the internal angles will be nailed, then extending the rest. Depending on the material in which the wall is built, they will be fixed to it with dowels or screws.

If the baseboard is made of untreated wood, it can be attacked by the moth in which case, it is necessary to replace the affected section. However, the most common deterioration occurs due to bumps or scratches. In this case, we can fix it by filling the gaps with putty. Then it is sanded to even the surface and painted the same color as the skirting board.

How to preserve and clean baseboards

Like wood floors, wood baseboards need good care to keep them looking beautiful and charming, otherwise they will lose their shine and good looks. Here we give you tips to properly preserve and clean your baseboard:

As one of the functions of the baseboard is to protect the wall against impacts and damage, the one who ends up suffering is it. Continuous contact with the broom and other mobile cleaning equipment, and even shoes or toys, can damage it, scratching it or simply dulling it.

In addition, it also accumulates dirt and debris over time and a good way to clean baseboards is necessary to maintain its durability. The deepest cleaning should be done every month, however it is possible to keep the baseboard clean with daily care without much effort.

Use a stiff bristle brush to dust the baseboard daily so dirt doesn’t build up. Once a month do the cleaning more thoroughly, and to do it correctly clean the baseboard with a brush with bristles and then use a damp cloth for a deeper and more delicate cleaning.

Mistakes when cleaning wood baseboards

As the wooden baseboard can be combined with cold floors or of any other type, you can proceed to clean the floor by bathing it in water, but be careful because you can touch the baseboard and you can damage it. Wood in contact with water can rot even though it gets a waterproofing treatment. Therefore, we must avoid getting the floor wet when we go to clean wooden baseboards.

To carry out its cleaning, you should also avoid abrasive utensils and products as they can damage the wooden baseboard and your nail polish. Chemicals should also be avoided to avoid damaging the wood fibers or creating stains on the baseboard. To make a safe and effective cleaning solution, use only mild soap and water with no additives.