Bathtub AM196 6' Clear Rectangular Whirlpool for Two with Fixtures

Tile store AM196 6' Clear Rectangular Whirlpool  for Two  with Fixtures Bathtub NEW


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Unit Dimensions 35" H x 76" W x 43" D
Packing Dimensions 25.62" H x 70.88" W x 35.38"
Material Acrilyc / Glass
Shape Rectangle
Installation Type Free Standing
Handshower Included Yes
Eco-Friendly? No
cUPC Approved No
Item Type Whirlpool Tub
Water Capacity (Gallons) 95
# of Persons 02
# of Water Jets 12
# of Air Jets 08
Jet Type Water & Air
Motor Placement Right
Drain Placement Rear Center
Amperage 10
Voltage 220 volts
Frequency 60
Horsepower 1.5
Watts 1200
Height to Overflow 16 1/2
Warranty 01 Year limited warranty on all parts

EAGO AM196  6' Clear Rectangular Whirlpool Bath Tub for Two  with Fixtures


Amaze yourself and your next guest with a unique EAGO whirlpool tub. The Benefits of a PVC Piping System: The bathtub is designed so that water never remains in the lines of the whirlpool jets or the drain. This prevents bacteria, mold, & odor buildup that can be a problem in some jetted bathtub designs.


ü  6 Types of Massage Modes Available.

ü  a) Choose your favorite of 4 different levels of jet pressure.

ü  b) Automatic gradual change of jet pressure from low to high in a loop. c) Pulsating option will operate jets every couple seconds on & off automatically.

ü  High Gloss Acrylic: Our fiberglass-reinforced MaxLoad™ high gloss acrylic is stronger and more resilient than the material used by our competitors. The acrylic is scratch resistant and extra-smooth, making it difficult for dirt and bacteria to attach, and easy to clean. EAGO acrylic bathtubs are reinforced by fiberglass and stainless steel.

ü  2 person capacity

ü  Includes hand held Chromed Shower Head and an Auto-protection function: pump will not start if water level is inadequate.   Please note that this tub fills itself through the jets.

ü  Water Hydromassage Jets

ü  Chromotherapy: LED light creates a serine atmosphere.

ü  Water Capacity: 95 gallons    Tempered glass panel: 1/4" thick (6mm).

ü  Electrical Requirements: 10 Amps, 1200 Watts, 110V, 60HZ

ü  Control Panel: A stylish  touch-sensitive, user friendly interface allows you to easily operate the bathtubs whirlpool jets, digital sound system, and chromo therapy light. Digital Stereo Sound: Enjoy listening to you favorite radio station while you bathe and relax.

ü  1.5 HP Ultra Quiet Water Pump. Tub fills up from the jets.

ü  Features back flow preventer on the shower heads and the jet system. Insuring that the water can not flow back into the supply lines. 

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